A Yoga Teacher’s Dream Comes True

Last year in June I had one of my biggest dreams come true, the dream of teaching yoga abroad. It always seemed like something out of reach, like one day when I became a seasoned teacher with tons of experience I would land a job like that. Nonetheless, one day I decided to Google my dream job just to see what would happen. I typed in “yoga teaching jobs abroad” in the search bar, and voila, I found myself browsing on yogatraveljobs.com. I immediately felt a wave of excitement run through me as I scrolled through the posts from all over the world in search of yoga teachers. I couldn’t believe that having that a dream like this could come true so early in my yoga career, but what started with just a few keystrokes ended up changing my life.


I found a post for a yoga teaching and photography job at a surf school in Portugal. I was ecstatic! I immediately applied to the position, having first crafted a very nice resume and cover letter expressing my relevant skills and experience. Two days later I was contacted about the job and my availability. I couldn’t believe how quickly everything was happening. I was in awe. Truth be told, I hadn’t yet obtained my yoga teacher training certification, I was only halfway through it. I felt nervous, excited, anxious and completely shocked. I applied not really thinking I would get the job but just putting myself out there. It all sounded so good but the possibility of it becoming a reality daunted me. Was I really ready to do this without having much experience as a yoga teacher?

I decided that I was. I accepted the position, purchased my ticket, made arrangements with my living situation and three weeks later I was off to Portugal. Only five short days after I graduated from my yoga teacher training… I know, crazy right?


I share this with you so you know that you don’t have to be at a certain “level” to start reaching for your dreams. If you are interested and want something then go for it, without hesitation. Obviously, if I had no proper training and/or knowledge of yoga to safely and skillfully lead a class then I wouldn’t have applied. But my point is that you learn as you teach and begin to walk the path. We can never know everything there is to know on a subject, we can simply attempt to learn as much as we can and we learn best by teaching others.

I must admit, however, that I had moments of self-doubt and apprehension. Even though I had started teaching classes in my neighborhood and to my friends, it could have been easy to say that I wasn’t ready. In the end, I decided that instead of focusing on the negative, what could go wrong, what if I wasn’t good enough, etc. I would focus on the good, how great and thorough my yoga teacher training was, how I would be taking a tremendous leap of faith and building my experience as a teacher in an amazing way. I began to get more comfortable with the idea and made a vow to believe in myself.


I arrived in Portugal and fell in love with the small surf town of Sagres. It was quaint, filled with beautiful Portuguese architecture and spirit of surf culture all its own. People from all over the world came to “the End of the World” as they call it, the southwestern most point of all of Europe. With west and south facing beaches there was always a wave to surf and a beach to do yoga on. I taught on an incredibly beautiful deck overlooking a stunning view of the ocean. I taught small groups, no larger than 8 people, which really helped me feel comfortable in my teaching. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever taught to this day and I felt so happy, honored and privileged to be able to teach on that deck every morning. I was proud of myself for having the strength and courage to take a leap of faith, in life and in myself.


My teaching skills grew as I adapted to my students needs and I got so much great feedback from my students that it really reassured my abilities. I met people from all over the world and made friendships that lasted far beyond that summer. It was a priceless time in my life that taught me so many things, but above all, it taught me the power of believing in yourself and going for your dreams. In reality, it may only be a few keystrokes away…


Peace, Love and Namaste!


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Angela Franklin

Angie was born in Madrid, Spain and raised in the capital of California where she now resides. She began her journey into yoga after watching the movie "Awake" about a yogi from India that brought yoga to the West. Inspired by yogic philosophy, Angie has traveled abroad teaching yoga and now has her own private studio in the heart of downtown Sacramento. She teaches at studios around the city and at California State University, Sacramento.


  1. Hi! thanks for your article, very inspiring, I needed this 🙂
    I am about to do the same and it’s nice to hear the experience of someone who has done it already.
    Was your a volunteer job or a paid one?

  2. very inspiring for those who wish to become a traveling yogi.

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  4. HI there, I am on the same path, also surf/ photography and teaching yoga. I have been doing the 8-5 career chasing life for 12 years now, and am ready for a change. I have been teaching for a while, but have also felt that I dont have enough experience etc. Even though I get such good feedback everytime I teach. Thank you for your article, You have given me peace of mind that my dream of being a travelling Yoga and surf teacher are not just a dream. Peace, love and light to you

    • That is awesome! I totally understand what you mean and before I left I also felt a very strong urge for a change. Having a photography background is going to be an EXCELLENT addition to your yoga teaching in the yoga/surf world. It allowed me to make extra money on the side that far exceeded my monthly wages from teaching yoga.

      You absolutely can do this! Once you decide to believe it to be true, it can and will happen if you choose to take the leap. It won’t all be unicorns and rainbows, but it will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

      Believe in yourself and trust in your abilities. We all grow and learn as we go along our path.

      Peace, Love and Namaste!!!!

  5. They provided you the visa as well..Along with accommodation and food for three times a day?

    • Hey Amitte,

      So I am a dual citizen of the E.U. and the U.S. so I didn’t need a visa. You would have to inquire about that with the company you’d be working for as I am not sure about that process. They did provide a shared accommodation and food 2x a day on working days, before and after surf lessons. The food provided were more like snacks. For example there were always pastries, fruits, sandwiches, coffee and tea. I often purchased my own food and cooked at home since they weren’t really full meals. On some days we had BBQ’s for the surf students so we ate meals on those days but that was maybe once a month. However, the food provided would be enough for breakfast and lunch you’d just have to make your own dinner.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Namste Angela,

    I wanna know where you took your first yoga classes?
    I am from India and wanna make my career in Yoga, did you come to India for learning yoga?

    Thank You,

  7. Hi Angie,
    I would love to tell you that your article gave me a lot of motivation, cause here I am still in the middle of my yoga course, dreaming to find a yoga job abroad, and having the same doubts you had about being accepted. The main point is that I don’t really what to write in my resume when I still didn’t have a certification, neither do I have a previous experience. So, can you help me with that?

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