Yoga & Flexibility – The fountain of youth

What is flexibility? It is ranges of motion in your joints and the ability to move them effectively through any kind of movement. When you do flexibility training, you probably will include some stretching exercises that will lengthen your muscles. This can be exercise such as Tai Chi or Yoga. If you improve your flexibility, you are pretty much enjoying

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Types of Yoga Teachings

The art of yoga encompasses a surprising variety of styles. With their distinct differences, yoga styles vary according to what is being accomplished during the class. A beginning yoga student might be overwhelmed by the style choices presented when choosing a class. Having an overview on the most common forms of yoga is an excellent way to get an idea

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Letting the storm change the course

When we are least expecting something, most often that is precisely when it appears in our lives. This can set the stage for new projects, ideas, or perhaps even change the course of our paths. Great things can come from the storm of chaos and confusion if we let it. I found myself in this situation as a young and

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