Creating A Home Yoga Space That Invokes Your Senses

Today, the topic of discussion is about how to create a perfect space that invites you back for more, time and time again. That perfect area that makes you feel at peace. A little she-cave if you will.
The idea is to create this little refuge in our homes or outdoor space that will make us want to spend time in it, to sort of trick ourselves into doing more yoga. For the purposes of this post, I am going to let out my inner interior designer, who loves to decorate and make spaces cozy and comforting. Let’s get to it!

Taste, touch, see, smell, hear. We want to invoke inspiration to all of our senses in the space that we create. How do we do this? It’s simple yogi fam and I’m gonna tell ya!

No. 1 | Taste – Treat Yo’Self
Okay, so you’re sitting there wondering what the hell I’m gonna say next. What could you possibly taste in this zen’d out room you’re gonna do yoga in. Lick a salt lamp? Not really what I had in mind, although I must admit I have done it. Ha! Don’t judge I just wanted to know if it was gonna taste like salt. Annnd, it did.

Anyways, you ready? Okay. Promise yourself a reward snack that you can only indulge in after you’ve done your practice for the day. Kind of like a dog treat but for the sake of not being super weird, let’s just call it a yoga treat. Imagining what that treat will taste like, a delicious brownie, a piece of sweet potato pie, some creamy hot chocolate, perhaps some butter pecan ice cream…and then promising yourself that you can’t eat it until you get on your yoga mat. Boom. #yogatreat.

No. 2 | Touch – Get Comfy
Here, I’m thinking textures. A comfy blanket purposely un-neatly folded in the corner like a messy top bun, to use on yin days of course! An amaaazingly wonderful down pillow to use during the best savasana you’re ever gonna have. Some super comfy yoga clothes that are silky smooth to the touch, I personally love these. A Tibetan singing bowl, which is a double whammy because it also fulfills our sound sense. An awesome yoga mat which in all honestly, is what you’ll be touching the most.

No. 3 | See – Eye Candy
Probably the most important of all the three. The space needs to look inviting. Add things like your favorite fresh flowers or tropical plants, great colors, a cool meditation pillow, a sarong with a cool design, inspiring art, etc. Also, the mind likes symmetry so organize the space in a way that feels balanced. Not too many things on one side or the other. Find equilibrium as if you were balancing a scale. Check out my ‘Bohemian Homes’ Pinterest board for inspiration or browse your own pins of that amazing office or bedroom to get some creative juices flowing.

No. 4 | Smell – Good Feels
Sage, palo santo, nag champa, you know. Essential oils are my personal favorite, especially with a diffuser. The thing about smell is that it’s straight to the point. It also triggers the limbic region of the brain which can trigger memories. Think the smell of your grandmother’s house or the scent of the cologne of a former lover. We remember smells and associate them with past experiences. So find a lovely, ahem, preferably non-toxic scent that gives you good memories or feels. It will totally help create ambiance, which is the overall goal, to help you disconnect and step into your inner world.

No. 5 | Hear – Jam Out
In my humble opinion, this is the second most important on this list. If you are a yoga teacher then I am almost 100% sure you have had the following scenario. *Hears a new song…* “Oh my God! That is SO going on my yoga playlist. Ahhh, this would be perrrrfect for my 5:30p class!” *finds song and immediately adds to Spotify playlist.*

I am currently super obsessed over Orange by God Bless Computers, Gold by Kiiara, and Lay My Claim by Rebelution. I’m kinda OCD when it comes to music and I will listen to one song over and over and over again while I practice. It takes me like one to two weeks before I officially move on from the song. Yeahhh, like two weeks dude. Anyone else…?

Sound is so great because it really makes the body want to move, which is great for motivating your yoga practice. Finding the perfect songs and creating a playlist will really help with this process. And because I always have you in mind, I thought ahead and already created a few yoga playlists on Spotify that you can find, under my username: lavienaturele.
So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The trick to creating the perfect space to enjoy your yoga practice and keep coming back for more. If you can’t lure yourself with the thought of that delicious yoga treat, then perhaps thinking about cuddling up with your favorite blanky, getting inspired by a beautiful art piece, lighting up some incense or turning on your favorite tunes can spark enough motivation to get you on your mat.

Peace, Love and Namaste!

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Angela Franklin

Angie was born in Madrid, Spain and raised in the capital of California where she now resides. She began her journey into yoga after watching the movie "Awake" about a yogi from India that brought yoga to the West. Inspired by yogic philosophy, Angie has traveled abroad teaching yoga and now has her own private studio in the heart of downtown Sacramento. She teaches at studios around the city and at California State University, Sacramento.

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