How to find the right yoga style for you

When I first started yoga , I thought it was way too gentle and I didnt feel a special connection to it until I found the type of yoga that suits me.

When you hear people say that yoga is for everybody, it truly means it. Because yoga is a personal practice and it has nothing to do with anyone except the person practicing.

Its not after a few months and trying out different studios with different teachers that I found moksha yoga, which is a yoga that is practiced in the heat and there are many different classes from power flow to yin and restorative. But that is just from one brand of yoga style ,there are many different styles like Ashtanga, kundalini, iyengar, tantra yoga , yin, hatha , vinyasa etc. They all have their benefits for different people, but the truth is you dont have to stick with only one style of yoga forever, because your body might change or your approach to yoga can evolve with time and that means that your body might not always have the energy or will to perform certain type of yoga.


How do you find the right yoga class for you?


  1. Be true to your intentions / leave the ego out the door.

Ask yourself what youre looking for in a yoga class? Are you looking for a workout? Something that makes you really sweaty? Do you wanna start yoga for weight loss purposes or

are you looking for more of a spiritual experience? These are questions you might wanna ask yourself to figure out  what your body truly needs in that specific moment. It is hard sometimes to not listen to the ego that tells us to push more and comparing to others or even ourselves from the past, pressuring our bodies to do things they are not ready for, so make sure that before you go to a class you leave the ego out the door.


  1. Be honest about what you personally need.

If youre someone who has never done a yoga class before you might not want to start with a power flow class in a hot room. Come clean about where youre at and see where you need to go from there to truly meet your needs.

Do you have some back pains? Wrist, joints, knee pains? Have you recently come out of surgery ? Are you injured? Do you feel anxiety ? Are you someone who is super busy and need a moment to just be quiet & still?

In this case , restorative and gentle yoga might be best, even some personal classes with a instructor who can tailor it for your special needs.


  1. Start where you at with what you have.

The best you can do is to just start. Dont wait until a certain age or to have the appropriate body, the only way to have a ‘’yogi type body’’ is to have a body and take it to a yoga class.

You can start shoping around on the internet doing some research on different studios near you or even ask some people that you know have been practicing for a while if they can recommend a studio or a teacher.

Once you found a studio that offers classes that are in alignement with what youre looking for in that specific time of your life. Take a few classes , starting with the beginners class , and pay attention to how your body feels during and after. Whats most important is how you feel at the end. You wanna find a class that leaves you feeling lighter, more centered, like you did something good for yourself. It might mean a class where you’ve sweat like crazy or it might be a class where you were on the floor the whole time and held a pose for several minutes ; whatever you choose you will feel it when its the right choice for you and just keep on listening because as your body changes and as you grow mentally and physically , so will your yoga practice. Be true to yourself!


Light & love always,


Veronica G

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