Yoga Instructor in Al Ain, UAE

Job Summary:

Yoga instructor explains and teaches the movements and principles of yoga. He or she is knowledgeable about “asana” or the postures of yoga, as well as the relaxation and the breathing techniques. A yoga instructor also develops the class routines, as well as the class format to maximize his or her student’s fitness benefits.

The main responsibility of a yoga instructor is to teach his or her class yoga postures and advices them regarding their lifestyle issues like mind control and diet. They perform in front of a class or with a private client as they copy every movements and postures. A yoga instructor also studies the physical limitations of their students to effectively assign appropriate exercises for them. The main goal of a Yoga instructor is to motivate their students in living as healthy as possible.

– Female Only
– Must be a Certified Yoga Instructor with minimum of 200 hours training
– Fluent in English language
– Preferably with Middle East experience
– The right candidate should have passion for fitness, desire to motivate others and a fun upbeat attitude.

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