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Meditation Teacher Job Requirements

We are a platform for meditation and yoga teachers aiming to bring world’s best meditation techniques to anyone looking to improve their lives, reduce stress and find happiness. We welcome all meditation techniques. Our teachers can teach from home or studios from anywhere in the world to anyone in the would using our technology. We are currently in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and India.

Teach basic mindfulness-based programs (MBPs), MBSR, community/regional outreach, corporate wellness programs (including Mindfulness in Medicine programs)
Prepare required class materials for 1 week course, 21 day course, 90 day course
Establish daily practice
Conduct pre-program orientation sessions to establish suitability of individual referrals
Maintain progress logs for individual and group classes
Prepare ancillary program-specific materials
Prepare and conduct quizzes for students to test learning and progress
Perform other duties as required.

BA in psychology, education, social work, counseling, health economics, holistic health, a related field, or equivalent experience
2+ years of experience delivering meditation training. Please give us as much detail as you can on your response
Yoga experience and training a plus
5+ years of experience meditating and knowledge of a few meditation techniques
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, self motivate, and work independently
Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with groups, students, corporations, community organizations, health professionals-in-training, health care providers, co-workers, and interpersonal relationships
Hardware: Mobile device or Tablet (iPad preferred)
Knowledge of multiple languages a plus

We Offer:
Flexible times to work / work from home
Online / mobile scheduling
Bi-Weekly payments based on hours worked