Yoga/Dance/Meditation Teacher and Therapists USA

Casting Call: Summer with Shakti Teacher/Therapist Residency


We are in search for the best of the best wellness teachers and alchemy spa therapists to join our team for a summer in the beautiful Rocky Mountains… Aspen, Colorado!

Hundreds of incredible leaders, entrepreneurs, adventurists and change agents from around the world flock to our valley every summer for vacation, inspiration and adventure. We seek to add an elite and powerful fleet of passionate instructors, healers, movers and shakers to our team. We are open to you bringing the best of you and new, innovative class/alchemy spa ideas/offerings in order to build on our studio to be the ‘what’s hot’ for variety, spirit, soul, and integrity in the classroom. We are making waves in the world of what it can look and feel like to experience personal transformation – mind body and spirit – so .. . if you think you got ‘what it takes’, WE WANT YOU!!

We strive to work with people who feel like they can elevate consciousness and bring their students to their highest vibration possible… we also strive to align with BKS Iyengar’s definition of what a teacher aspires to embody and offer to their students:

‘The teacher should be clear, clever, confident, challenging, cautious, constructive, courageous, comprehending, creative, completely devoted and dedicated to knowing the subject, considerate, conscientious, critical, committed, cheerful, chaste and calm.”

If you feel called to be a part of this Aspen Shakti movement for the Summer of 2018, please email us at connect@aspenshakti with the subject line “summer @shakti audition” and include the following material:

For DANCE/FITNESS, one 90 second dance video…. Pretend this is So You Think You Can Dance and you want to show us your BEST 90 seconds, preferably in the style of what type of class you would be offering to our summer schedule.
For YOGA/MEDITATION, one 3-5 minute sequence with you teaching. Can demo yourself or have another body demo as you cue. Music or no music, whatever makes you feel your best (power yoga, hatha, restorative, yoga therapy, yoga sculpt . . all are welcome).
Please briefly answer the following questions and copy and paste to the same email:
Why do you teach?
What makes your teaching powerful and why would someone come to your class a 2nd,3rd,4th time?
What would a summer at Shakti do for you? Emotionally, spiritually, growth wise etc…
Give us a sample class title and description of what you uniquely offer.
What other special skills do you have that could potentially be offered in your classes beyond amazing teaching? For example, vocals, musical instruments . . . .)

For THERAPISTS, if you consider yourself a healer and use any type of traditional or non traditional therapy… acupuncture, aura soma, tarot, astrology, crystals, etc etc, please send us a 2-3 minute video explaining your gift and how you help people to live and feel extraordinarily!

A copy of your latest teaching certificate, proof of insurance and CPR/AED certification.

What Shakti can offer:
3-5 Regularly scheduled classes from June 11-Sep 30 2018
Ballpark $60-$95 base pay per class (plus bonus over 18 students)
*this pay is negotiable depending on experience.
An incredibly supportive and accommodating staff to make sure you feel confident and prepared to give your Shakti to Shakti all summer long!

The reality of Aspen . .
Aspen is a wonderful, magnificent, beautiful, ALIVE and highly inspiring and dynamic place to live. It is also a very expensive place to live and housing is not the easiest to find. However, it IS possible, and MANY people come to live here just for the season every year. If you are driven and hungry, this place will swoop you up and magic happens all the time. Aspen Shakti is still a small business and our budget does not always match our creativity, goals and ideas . . . but we don’t let that stop us. We do imagine you will need a second job in addition to teaching at Shakti and you will need to plan ahead for housing. Owner, Jayne Gottlieb, has lived in the valley for over 17 years and is a great resource to help guide you, and she’s very connected, but it’s important to know that there are some things to think about before you apply. If you are the kind who manifests miracles regularly, this job is perfect for you . . but just offering a word to the wise before you dive in wholeheartedly.

Please submit by May 1st. We will then hand pick teachers for a follow up interview via skype!