Live an amazing lifestyle as our Community Manager

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  • Brazil

The Idea
Rosemary is a unique centre which empowers individuals by giving them the tools they need to live their optimal way of life. We’ll find your perfect balance between mind body and modern world by reconnecting to yourself nature and the tools to create a conscious impact on the world.

Who are we?
We are an international group of people who create unique experiences that will empower you to live your optimal way of life. Rosemary Dream is our working project being designed to inspire, educate and activate people from all around the world to be happier, more productive and to achieve their goals. We give people the conditions, tools and life lessons to enhance their everyday life, in whatever context they may find themselves in. Through a systematic process of inspiration, immersion, rewilding and self-discovery we are able to allow people to understand, develop and utilise their inner strengths. Come and join us in helping people live a better way of life.

How did it all start?

We started as travellers and went crazy all the way with the idea of living a better life and helping others to do the same. Then we bought a very, very big piece of land between forest, mountains, ocean, lake and a river in a fishing village called Barra Da Lagoa in Florianopolis, Brazil; the ‘Magic Island’ of Santa Catarina. Since Feburary 2016 we have been building this place to create the optimal conditions, and we’re still building!. Bringing in the right people to create the perfect space to grow, experience and enjoy. We are surrounded by a warm-hearted community where waving “Oi” to a stranger, hugging an old woman and chatting with the peaceful fisherman is normality.

The Role
You will be in charge of the experience of the Team and hiring the superstars that come to Rosemary to make their contribution! This is a big responsibility because it’s what makes us Rosemary. You will be talking with potential volunteers and managing our platforms. You will also help oversee the development process of our Dreamers, ensuring that everybody feels supported based on their individual needs. You will work closely with the Marketing Team to do advertising campaigns to attract new candidates and to create volunteer profiles for the new volunteers who arrive.