Yoga Teacher for Buenos Aires, Argentina !

Buena Onda Yoga has been creating community and teaching yoga in english since 2009. We need someone looking to relocate for 6 months to a year (or more!) Please included a resume in your application. Photos and references are also very helpful.

We pay $US14 per group class after an initial trial of 3 classes, when private classes are requested we coordinate with whichever teacher is the best fit and pay US$20 per class. Teachers are also welcome and encouraged to create workshops and events which we will help you advertise in exchange for 25% of the profit. Plus you may attend all our other classes.

Rent can cost anywhere from US$400 up, depending whether you live alone and what type of accommodation you are comfortable with. You will need to supplement your income. We cannot help you get a visa. Most teachers leave the country briefly every 90 days when their tourist visas expire.

Please tell me about yourself as a yoga teacher? Why do you enjoy teaching? What do students say about your classes? What challenges you about teaching? What excites you about teaching? How are you looking to grow as a teacher?