Yoga centre manager and instructor

I am looking for an entrepreneurial yoga instructor or team/couple to join a magical resource in the midst of fabulous nature in Bulgaria amidst the Balkan mountains. The yoga centre is located in a national park. It’s on 60000 square meter of land including a forest and a big piece of agricultural land, established fruit trees, a swimming pool and it’s in the vicinity of eco trails and mountain trails. It has ample space to run yoga workshops but is also amenable to setting up festivals, wedding receptions, catering to tourists etc… It has 15 bedrooms.
The project involves starting a venture from scratch that operates as a cooperative. That means all profits are shared between those people who support the project minus operating costs, maintenance costs and any additional venture investment costs you see fit.
I am looking for more than just a yoga instructor. Bulgaria has a very small population so it’s important to try to diversify income streams to ensure everyone involved earns a good living.
You need to be a project manager, good at interacting with people and getting along with them, giving directions and planning. You will be doing a little bit of everything including: food planning and organising, marketing, advertising, giving yoga classes and meditation classes. The wider your knowledge of different forms of yoga, the better.
I’m looking for someone/team who is looking for a pollution-free, healthy, organic food based diet and who prefers living in nature over the city, who is energetic and dynamic and who is interested in developing a sustainable lifestyle. This opportunity would work perfectly for a couple or for a group of friends who want to share an opportunity to take off to the countryside for a few months of the year and rotate between one another. Most of the site’s income should be generated over the course of 6 months which leaves you 6 months of the year to get involved in other activities if you wish. You will be fully responsible for managing the whole site.
The plan is to offer low cost yoga and meditation retreats in Europe so that we are always full during the seven months of the year where the weather is good.
I think the facility ought to be able to function with three to four people who share the responsibility of event organisation and management and growing food.
These are just some of the activities that could be organised on site: yoga teacher training, yoga and meditation workshops & retreats, fitness retreats, holotropic breathwork retreats, fasting retreats, 5 rhythms dance workshops, ecstatic dance, treks, soma breathwork retreats, weddings, corporate retreats, academic retreats, wellness retreats, camping, renting bicycles and cars, organising festivals. Up to you to find the right mix of events and opportunities to keep the place thriving and pleasant for all guests!

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