Marketing project assistant

  • Work Exchange
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You are smart, creative and passionate, with an experience in digital marketing and digital content writing, this opportunity is for you ! Your goal will be to significantly increase awareness of our new website about yoga and wellness. Should have a clear passion for writing and an enthusiasm for the wellness industry.

A significative background in digital marketing.
A deep understanding of consumers and what motivates them online

Here you’ll get to:
Help organize a large, ever-changing team of creatives
Participate in various digital marketing creative brainstorming
Manage calendars, phones/call logs, reports
Assist with campaigns, content creation, and web production projects with a focus on creative marketing and social best practices/operations
Excellent overall writing skills in a number of different styles/tones
The writing should include best practices in search optimization (familiarity with keyword placement)
Impeccable spelling and grammar
Great flexibility and ability to multitask
Rockstar candidates will be able to:
You are nice
You are creative
You are a self-starter and highly motivated
You LOVE the internet, technology, social and yoga
You can manage multiple deadlines and urgent tasks
You are a flexible, quick learner
You are willing to learn a little bit of everything, and open to take on anything
You have AMAZING organizational abilities
You have excellent attention to detail as well as verbal and writing skills

You are expected to work 6 hours a day, Monday – Friday.
Saturday and Sunday are days Off.
This opportunity is a work exchange. Accommodation is provided in an apartment situated 10 minutes driving from Om Yoga. 400 dirhams are given per week as a compensation for meals.

Enjoy free yoga classes in your free time. Attend any classes at Om Yoga at no charge.
If you are a yoga teacher, you can be asked to teach some classes as replacement or to give a workshop at the Om Yoga Studio.