Yoga Teacher for Chiang Mai

Job Offer: Seeking experienced yoga teacher to teach during a 5-week, 200-hour TTC in Chiang Mai, Thailand October 1st – November 4th.
Must be willing/eager to live in a simple vegan community for the whole course. Partial participation is not an option.
Salary: $3000-5,000 USD, depending on experience and one’s ability to support the vision of the project. Visa not provided. A simple bamboo bungalow and 3 meals a day will be included.

Qualifications: At least 5 years of teaching experience, and/or 3 years of full-time teaching. RYT-500 preferred but not required. You should be an extremely professional yoga teacher, with experience at top yoga studios plus experience leading retreats, TTCs, and workshops internationally.
Teaching Hours: This is not the head teacher position, but could be like a co-teacher or supporting teacher. A co-teacher might expect to teach 50% of the course load, all subjects excluding anatomy. For a supporting teacher, the salary will be less and the teaching hours will also be less, perhaps closer to 30% of the total teaching hours.

Additional Expectations: must be willing to meet with the students for individual interviews once a week. These are 10-minute interviews just to check-in with the students and make sure they are doing well and also a chance to answer any questions or address any concerns they have. The sessions will be about 90 minutes, once a week. Also must be willing to come to a weekly team meeting, a weekly sharing circle class, and also be around on the final week to help observe, give feedback, and participate in opening and closing ceremonies. Not only that, but it would be nice if you could help to give adjustments during some of the other asana classes.

Sending your application make sure the subject line reads “October TTC Teacher”. Don’t include your resume, but include your bio and brief introduction and a few photos, including a close-up and a few asana photos. Please describe your vision for yoga and tell me about your teaching style, for example, what kind of feeling, energy, pace, tone, and purpose. If you have any meditation experience, please explain.

*No CV’s or attachments will be opened, so please don’t include them. You can write your bio and describe your vision/style in the email itself, don’t include it as an attachment. The only attachments should be photos.

Please DO NOT respond by sending me a message on Facebook or by commenting on this post. These inquiries will not be considered.
Also, please don’t expect to hear a reply from me. I will only reply if I am interested.

If you aren’t an experienced teacher, please don’t waste my time. Thank you.