Yoga Instructor for Boutique Fitness Studio

Lovely travel friends!

I’m Pip, Australian-born (originally from Sydney!) and now living in Cuenca, Ecuador. I’m just about to start up a boutique fitness studio designed to be the opposite of a gym full of buff men that like to grunt and sweat. I’m looking for a unique and passionate yoga instructor to teach classes daily at the studio. At the moment, we’re hoping to do primarily vinyasa but I’m definitely open to a conversation about doing yin +meditation classes.

The fitness studio is within a beautiful , colonial city that’s a UNESCO heritage site (think cobbled lanes and Spanish style buildings!). Ideally, I’d like to have a minimum commitment of 6 months, but if you’d like to start longer, open arms!

The ideal candidate will have some knowledge of Spanish and be willing to fine-tune their skills and learn more. Although we’re still tossing around the idea of doing some classes in English.

The salary will be a competitive Ecuadorian salary but we want someone who wants to be apart of our small studio and take ownership over it. The position start date will be roughly the beginning of August but we’re looking to hire before then. At the moment, we’re putting together the logo, website, facebook page + we’re doing construction on the site, so please excuse the lack of imagery!

Get in touch and we’ll talk more specifics!