Build your Yoga Business in the Himalayas, India, with The Healing Network™.

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Namaste’ Teachers!

The Healing Network (THN) is a global community of Healers. A place for seekers to find healers.
The Himalayan Spirit, are Healing Centers run by THN. A vessel for healers and seekers of Yoga, Meditation and Alternative Healing.

We at The Healing Network are inviting select Teachers to live and teach at our healing centers in the Himalayas.

The Opportunity in a Nutshell:
+ Healer pays $X for 4months (March till July, Main Season in Dharamkot) and gets a Place to Live, Practice and Work.
+ THN Provides Marketing, Yogashala, etc.

Healer Receives:
+ A Private Room with attached toilet, WiFi. (kitchen optional)
+ Yogashala for 15 students, over looking the beautiful Himalayan Valley, at our Healing Center, the Himalayan Spirit.
+ Local Offline and Online Marketing & Promotions.

+ Invest $3k and get Yogashala for 1hr/Day.
+ Invest $5k and get Yogashala for 2hrs/Day.
+ Invest $7k and get Yogashala for 3hrs/Day.
+ Invest $9k and get Yogashala for 4hrs/Day.
+ Invest $15k and get Dedicated Yogashala.

Illustration: $5k Investment
Inflow: Daily Yoga Class x 2classes x 10students/class x $4/class x 104days = $8,000
Outflow: $5000 (Yogashala + Room + Marketing) + $554 (Food @ Rs.300/Day) = $5,554
Net Income (Inflow – Outflow) = $2,446

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Please note that above is an illustration to give you an idea about the opportunity. These figures may vary and are not guaranteed.

We are looking for healers who are passionate about building a solid Yoga practice and business.

Limited Spots! Apply now with your bio, and fill the application form at

Om Shanti!