Yoga retreat marketplace looking for you (yes you)…for Customer Success & Support Position

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Hey future family member (our team is like family)…

…we are a yoga retreat marketplace that connects people to authentic yoga experiences.

We’re building bridges to yoga, connecting people with the tools and experiences which will truly help them blossom in life.

Changing the way people go on vacation, one person at a time.

We’re looking for a content and marketing person to join our team and work remotely.

ॐ Maybe you travel a lot and it’s impossible to have a non-remote job.

ॐ Maybe you are a yogi and feel a deep, nagging desire to work somewhere that’s in full alignment with your passion.

ॐ Maybe you want to be a part of something greater than yourself, but haven’t been able to find expression for that desire.

ॐ Maybe you have time in your life, and want to dedicate it toward something that will make an impact in the world.

ॐ Or maybe you’ve sold a business, took some time off, and are now ready to re-engage in a meaningful project.

Either way, if this resonates with you then you just might be a great fit.

What’s in it for you?
▪ Play a significant role in the mission to spread yoga and wellness to the world
▪ Freedom to work remotely amongst an international team
▪ Work in an industry full of people who care about the world
▪ Build valuable relationships and connections among top yoga centers and spiritual seekers

You Are:
Extremely organized. People see your desk and always comment, “wow, you’re really clean.”
• Always reliable and punctual.
• Fun to be virtually around. You add to the energy in the slack (our communication tool) rooms.
• Someone with a great command of the English language.
• Someone who feels comfortable near spreadsheets, tons of emails and thirsty customers.
• Someone who cares about making a difference in the world and is excited about being a part of a mission to spread yoga and wellness.

• Available 100 hours a month, preferably ~4h every day. The position is open for full time work if it’s a good fit.
• Location can be anywhere in the world, Tropical island preferred.

The Job Includes:
▪ Taking care of daily relationship with customers, including supporting users in finding a retreat perfect for them.
▪ Managing and moderating the content of our site, including helping our retreat owners in adding and creating great listings.
▪ Following up with customers to close bookings.
▪ Payment collection and monthly payments follow up with customers.

Here are few questions and tasks I would like you to answer and write so we can see if it’s a good fit.
1. What characteristic makes you stand out for this job?
2. How many daily hours can you commit to?
3. What your schedule for your next year (if you know it)?
4. How many months/years can you commit to working for?
5. Which time zone and location you currently in?
6. What is your IM or Skype username?
7. Are yoga and spirituality a significant part of your life?

As we are a tight-knit and growing team, compensation will start at $500/month.

We’re looking for someone who believes in the vision, resonates with our direction, and wants to be a part of something greater than themselves.

If you are interested, here are steps to be completed in the next 2 days –

Ron & Sean
Co-Founders of