Veggie Vegan Cook for Yoga Veggie Surf Guesthouse in Ericeira

Vegetarian – Vegan COOK needed latest end of August / beginning of September, possible already earlier

Do you dream of living and working in Portugal in a Yoga-Veggie-Surf Guesthouse, near Ericeira, enjoying all the ups and downs of this lifestyle

Ideal combined skillset:

· experienced vegetarian / vegan Cook (buffet style)

· practical, well organized, stress proofed

· driving license (not essential)

· French, Portuguese or Spanish languages on a conversational level

Chef – Position requirements:

Excellent, experienced and creative vegetarian / vegan chef able to prepare awesome healthy meals (lunch & dinner) 6 days/ week
· while Lunch is a lighter meal consisting mainly of salads, a soup & patties made using leftovers (ability to recreate leftovers into new, exciting dishes is a must)

· Dinner is the bigger meals containing a unique, inspiring salad, 2-3 main dishes, soup, proteins and carbohydrates (rice/quinoa/couscous etc)

· The occasional – sometimes healthy, sugar- free dessert
· (you will cook during the peak times for 40 people, in general for 25 +/- depending on the season. You will have always a kitchen assistant on your side for chopping, cleaning etc.

Experience required cooking vegetarian, and vegan, organic, healthy, nutritionally – well – balanced food – with global worldwide influences, and in catering for special dietary requirements (- gluten free, allergies etc.)
Able and willing to working as an integral part of our lovely kitchen team as well the guesthouse in general. Being involved in the whole.
You will need to be flexible, good- natured, highly motivated and working well under pressure.
· 40 hours per week,k / 6 days, – with one day off. You will be working under contract – European passport holders only!
the contract including social/ health insurance, work insurance, holiday paydays.

We require someone who is willing to finish the season with us until 4th January. There might be a 2 weeks break in December, we will decide depending on the bookings. You will be an integral part in the smooth running of our guesthouse (we run the guesthouse since 6 years) and we want you to become part of our community.

NB: Sorry – this position is only available to people with an European passport because of the work permit situation which is too long process for now.

If you are interested please see our website & to read about our offers and the guesthouse.

To apply please then send us your expectations in terms of salary (please be aware we are in Portugal and pay Portuguese salaries)  a short CV, motivation letter, photo, and let us know when you are ready to start and how long you envision working with us. when all goes well.


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omassim guesthouse is situated in a sleepy village Palhais-Ribamar near the Ericeira Worl Surf Reserve. omassim guesthouse is an oasis of bright colorful accomodation with a homely feeling. We combine the elements of yoga, surfing & deliciouse vegetarian meals. omassim guesthouse is the manifestation of a dream Lia & Eduardo started to visualize in 2007 in the Algarve and found its realization in 2014 in Ericeira – first world surfing reserve. Using up all the skills Eduardo and Lia gained during her life made omassim guesthouse to a unique place it is right now. Besides offering accommodation the guesthouse includes the ancient techniques Yoga & Meditation, Ayurvedic Medicine (Massages) and working with fire (Sweatlodge, Firewalking). Eduardo is responsible for a healthy nourishing treat for your belly, Lia for some dynamic, invigorating and creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes and all the organization to make your stay comfortable in a family like athmosphere. Living in Ericeira surfing cannot be missed. Progress Surf School founded by Surfer Pro Joana Andrade and Filipe Rastef Henrique offering hands-on surfing lessons promising fun, professionalism and progress.