Yoga Instructor and/or Fitness Instructor and/or Massage Therapist

For 8 years, we offere work/trade opportunities for wellness professionals. Over 40 visiting instructors and therapists have taught and stayed with us….and most end up staying longer than they thought they would! And they have and continue to contribute a lot to us and to Granada.

We ask for a reasonable number of hours per week of help at in exchange for housing (and all utilities & internet and laundry service) and 16 meals per week (simple, vegetarian). Each week, we’ll use an Excel document to balance the hours that you have worked for us with the cost of the room/food and any spa services you may have enjoyed (with a 40% discount!). Typically, we’ll ask you to teach between 8 and 12 classes per week.  Generally, instructors make enough to cover their basic daily expenses, or a bit more if they offer private sessions, host workshops (optional) or host a retreat (we can take care of all of the logistics).

The room is located a few blocks away in a colonial home with a pool and roof terrace (view the room here: comfortable. It has a fan, a queen size bed.

You’ll be part of a cohesive team ; all of our visiting instructors have gotten along well with the staff, and many have described a family feeling that they have really enjoyed.

If you’d like to continue the conversation about your coming to us, please let us know. Let us know when you are thinking about coming down and for how long. Also, if you have any other information (a resume or C.V., a website, or a bio), please send it as well. Feel free to send us any questions that you might have.