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I am looking for a spiritual teacher/yoga teacher as a coordinator /admn for a compact spiritual centre to be set up in India. At present the classes are taken from the Home cum spiritual centre.

This centre hopes to teach students in India and from foreign countries aswell.

If you are a reasonably experienced person who lived in India or living in India, then it will be easy for you. If you are new to the country and its culture then this one may not be for you.

Apart from a centre, I would be interested in teaching in different locations where there are students.

Kerala, Madurai, Thiruvannamalai,Mysore,Bangalore,Rishikesh are popular locations.

Topics covered in spiritual classes.
1.Meditation-As per Vedanta.
2.Healing-Mantra therapy, homa therapy.
3.Hatha Yoga.
4.Texts: Reality of living as per Upanishad,Gems of Gita.

The Attitide
This is a spiritual pursuit and you are expected to have a tendency to help others in need.

The spiritual trainee
If you want to learn the pattern taught by me as mentioned above apart from what you already know learned from other yoga schools, it would be an added benefit for you as an assistant teacher aswell.

The Benefits
This is not a Job but predominantly spiritual pursuit where the monetary benefits will be shared with the teacher/coordinator.

At present classes are taken from my Home cum spiritual centre in Coimbatore dist, Tamilnadu, India.Students are welcome here also as this place is close to two international yoga and spiritual cenres in Coimbatore dist.

At this stage, the Food and accomodation should be arranged by the prospective person.

This is going to be a new startup, and if you are willing to invest your knowledge and /or if you are willing to offer your teaching for this pursuit, we can discuss those details aswell.

This is a spiritual endeavor to share the knowledge with anyone seeking a)peace, b)health, c)freedom.

If you, as an individual or as a group leader willing to take up this position, then you can email me for more info.


Jawahar Govindan avatar

I am just looking to learn the life. What is learned is taught by me. I am a simple person looking to share the texts as spirituality. Life is short. Doing good to others by sharing the teaching of the sastras or scriptures or Gita is the task that is challenging and inspiring aswell. I am a certified person in yoga and Vedanta. One life is not enough to both learning and sharing with any one in the world. Indian or foreigner are both iswara, the total! We are all part of this total. Vedanta is universal as it talks about oneness. I believe learning is life long. Sharing too should be life long. This is the teaching of vedas. Life is exciting when it is part of the total. Freedom,peace and well being are my purposes to be shared and taught to any seeker worldwide.