Women’s Empowerment Project in Cambodia looking for Female Volunteer Yoga Teachers

We operate a women’s empowerment project in Kampot Cambodia. The project operates a women’s only spa, yoga studio, and vegan cafe as social enterprises to help fund the project as well as to provide training and paid work experience to Khmer women. http://banteaysreyproject.org/

We are seeking Certified Yoga Teachers On an ongoing basis from November 26th 2019 and onward. We are happy to take first time yoga teachers.

We expect a time commitment of 8 hrs a day 5 days per week for a minimum commitment of two months. In addition to Yoga teaching, volunteers will also be given the opportunity to support the project with other skills they bring with them. Other abilities which could be useful to the project are Accounting, Administrative, Painting, Photography, Filming, Art, Marketing, Customer Service, Cooking, Spa and Esthetics Skills, Massage, English Teaching. Graphics

We offer Yoga Teachers the freedom to create their own program for all classes. Yoga teaching consists of one 75 minute classes per day which is open to the public and guests of the spa as well as a 45 minute daily class for Banteay Srey staff and trainees.

Our public classes raise the profile of the spa in the community and attract many spa clients as well as generate much needed income for The Project.

The trainee classes support our students and staff with breathing and grounding techniques to help them be fully present for spa guests while taking care of their own bodies. These daily classes also help our trainees to cope with the effects of trauma in their daily lives and to support their ongoing personal growth.

Onsite accommodation is no longer provided to volunteers. There are many affordable options in town and a list of recommendations will be made available to volunteers before their arrival. Monthly rentals at our selected guesthouses are $100- $450/month offering a range to suit your own lifestyle.

Meal are provided free of charge at our onsite Vegan cafe. http://devacafe.org

To help you fully enjoy your time at Banteay Srey, we will lovingly offer you a gift of 1 spa service per week!