Volunteer Yoga Teacher in a guesthouse

Hi everyone!

I currently teach yoga in a guesthouse in Kep, Cambodia and I need an amazing volunteer to succeed me!

I will leave at the end of June but am looking for someone to start right away.
You can give it a try for a month and if you like it, stay for as long as you want.

We offer a morning yoga class 6 days a week. During the time together we will share the schedule.
Be aware that we are a guesthouse, not a studio. Sometimes you have people at your class, some days no one shows up.
We have a beautiful dedicated yoga room facing the sea, with mats, straps and blocks.
It’s a perfect opportunity for a newly trained yoga teacher.
We’re not looking for a specific type of yoga. You don’t need to have years of experience behind you.
You can explore with your teaching.
I do traditional tantra yoga; my teaching focuses on meditation in movement.
I also offer Ayurvedic massages. If you have some other skill you would like to share with our guests, you’ll be free to advertise it if you want to make a bit of money.

Along with the yoga, we also need a bit of help with the guesthouse. No cleaning involved, we have a staff already taking care of that.
You would be looking after the guests and tending to their needs.
Someone with vegetarian cooking skills would be a plus. We sometimes do dinner special and vegetarian options are always welcome!
Otherwise, we have a basic menu that we serve all day.

The main working load is in the morning for breakfast/check-out, then again at night for dinner.
The afternoons are SUPER QUIET. You’ll have lots of free time to do whatever you want.
Work is 6 days a week, about 4-5 hours a day.
Once in a while, you cover so the managers can also have a day off.
We’re super flexible and adaptable. We communicate a lot.
If you want to take a few days off to go somewhere, it’s also not an issue.
If you come in June, it would be just the two of us, the managers are on holidays.

What do you get in exchange?
Food and a room in the guesthouse, access to our swimming pool, free scooter and bicycle, access to the kitchen, internet, movie nights, cuddles with the kitten and our 2 dogs.
We pay for the visa.

We are located in Kep’s khmer village, facing the sea. It’s a super chill spot.
Be aware that we are a guesthouse, it’s not a really yogic environment.
People drink, eat meat and there are sometimes parties. Still, it’s been pretty quiet the past weeks.
There’s a big French expats community and lots of our guests are also French.

Feel free to contact me for more information.
This position might be more suitable for someone already in Asia.


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My name is Melanie, a 28-year-old yogi from France.I teach energy balancing yoga coming from traditional tantra. The main series is gentle and highly modulable in terms of speed and intensity. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of the practitioner’s level, flexibility, age or body type. The purpose is to relax and not to push during asanas, allowing the body to align naturally and to meditate while flowing. The entire practice is done lying on the floor, using barely any props.I also offer more strengthening series which cultivate bone density, alignment and flexibility. They’re conducted in total mindfulness, without ever pushing, but allowing people who might be looking for a more intense workout to balance their practice.I teach as well prāṇayāma (breathwork), bandhas (locks) and meditation.I can provide traditional therapeutic Ayurvedic walking massage and organise workshops to teach this technic.I'm a nomad instructor and travel the world to teach.