Operations Manager


This is an excellent opportunity for unique individuals.

The Doron Yoga & Zen Center (DYZC) is a spiritual, no-nonsense retreat center
that seeks practical solutions, based on real experiences rather than religious
dogma. Self-responsibility, honesty, integrity, transparency and care for each
other are foundational values.

We study, practice and integrate yoga and Zen infused with regenerative living
inspired by permaculture and the flexitarian method along with mindfulness
actions. We seek to live The Yoga Lifestyle and share tools for sustainable joy
with the world. We offer a safe home to unlearn our limiting conditioning, and
learn how to live a joyful life including, art, yummy nutrition, dance and
philosophy programs to realize our full potential.

DYZC offers in-depth study and practice programs, along with lighthearted
dance and play. This is the land of free spirit meets responsibility and we’re
looking for the right person to become our newest live-in team member.
We have one of the most beautiful surroundings and facilities, inspirational and
rich with nature and permaculture.

We are looking for an executer, and operation manager to join our management team. You will be the CEO’s right hand.


• Directly supervise and be accountable for all aspects of retreat center operation activities (e.g. guest services, kitchen, food, staff schedule, accommodation (35 beds), supplies, grounds; develop incentives and implement them to motivate peak performance;
• Guest management & Sales (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans to achieve Retreat profitability goals; set goals for retail, re-booking, and booking goals.
• Communication & Marketing
• Growth strategy (e.g. new affiliates and opportunities to increase client base and subscriber base.)
• Human resource management (e.g. lead by example: achieve personal as well as team goals. Coach, recruit, hire, and retain top talent; create a positive Team environment.

• Must be fluent in English and Spanish. Part of the interview will be in Spanish.
• Detail and goal-oriented individual that is also a highly motivated team leader and player
• Strong leadership, organization, communication and interpersonal skills
• Excellent administrative and IT skills with a passion for driving sales.
• Industry experience and knowledge preferred
• Experience in training, coaching, and conflict resolution a plus
• A spirit of service, the ability to step up and perform whatever task is necessary for the good of the whole
• Humility, aspiration, maturity, discernment, enthusiasm, openness, integrity, and responsiveness
• The presence to remain calm under pressure

Duration: Minimum 1 year commitment
Starting Date: ASAP

The Operation manager can expect to work full-time (6 days per week, approximately 7 hours per day) and will be open to work additional hours to support special events or when the need arises.

• modest salary
• percentage of profits starting in the second year
• room and 3 meals per day
• paid time off 10 days for every 6-month work
• optional more time off in the low season (unpaid)
• Opportunity for self-growth: Included within this arrangement are meditation
and pranayama, as well as yoga classes at the DYZC when offered. Fire nights,
dharma talks, Temazcal and Zen dance are also included.
• Option to participate in the teacher-training course (TTC) within the first year
• Participation in three DYZC retreats per year

You agree to a minimum 2-year non-compete anywhere in Guatemala.
Optional to live off property.

Please send us resume, cv, photo and a paragraph on why this is your dream position!

Some questions to include in the resume:

• Why do you think you will be right for this position?
• Can you see yourself living, working, eating, and practicing with your
• peers and management?
• Do you have any admin / management experience you’d like to highlight and please give valid examples of what you have learned.
• Have you lived overseas, in developing countries? Can you adjust to new circumstances, lifestyle and environment?
• Any other experience you think might be relevant to the role you’d like to note, please explain why you consider it beneficial for this role.
• How long you can commit to the position (dates, availability)
• Did you have responsibility for employees in your career? If yes, for how many employees? How many employees you already hired and how many fired? Can you describe us a specific people management situation you already managed and how?

This position is a dream job for those that want to live in community and have a personal teacher /mentor to grow their yoga and spiritual practice.

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