Teach Yoga and Stay in a Communal Living Home and experience life in Las Vegas and beyond with travelers and locals

Hello fellow adventurer!

We are a group of friends that do life community style, in the amazing city of LAS VEGAS. We live in a house (that sometimes feels more like a hostel) near the Strip, where we host travelers from all over the world, sometimes up to 25 at the same time!
We strive to make true meaningful connections with people from all over the world. Our vision is to encourage people to make genuine connections, that last a lifetime. During your stay, you get a taste of the crazy (sitcom-like) lifestyle we live here, make a shit ton of new friends, explore Vegas in the best possible way, and go on epic adventures beyond the city.
There are plenty of opportunities to teach yoga in our community, since we all are yoga-lovers. You can gather people and teach a class at any time, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our other programming and work duties. We’ve found that yogi’s often fit into our lifestyle and are like-minded and globally oriented like us, and therefore enjoy connecting with them whenever possible.
As you can imagine, hosting that many people is a lot of work. Besides teaching yoga for fun, we could also use a couple of hands assisting in a wide variety of ways to help fellow travelers enjoy Las Vegas: housekeeping, kitchen duties, general maintenance, etc. It also may include tasks like organizing excursions/roadtrips or being a guide in the city.

In return you get an extended (6 weeks) stay with us: Expect to be in a constant social dynamic. Whether it’s just hanging out at home, playing games or sharing stories, being out on a trip with fellow travelers, or going to one of Vegas’ ultraclubs. You will meet tons and tons of interesting people that want to (and will) share their culture. Delicious food from all over the world, interesting discussions with many viewpoints and the sharing of habits from different countries is without a doubt included. We strive to bring people from all over the world together and come to a better understanding of each other. All that while being in the city of Las Vegas.. The adult playground in the world and one of the most interesting cities for sure!

Accommodation is of course free, and breakfast will be provided. Even though group meals happen on a regular basis, please be prepared to contribute to or take care of your own lunch and dinner. If we go out and adventure either in the city and out in nature, it is expected that you cover your own expenses. No worries though, as Vegas locals we will share tips and tricks to do Las Vegas as cheap as possible.
We expect people to be respectful and socially competent. Please overcommunicate on your wishes and intentions. You should be at least conversationally fluent in English. Expect to work about 3 hours per day, some days more, other days less, depending on the amount of people that are staying and the plans for the day. We have space for several helpers at the same time.

Looking forward to getting to know you soon!