Teach yoga in a community of social adventurers

Hello soon to be Vegas visitor,

Of all the havens that you could find in Vegas ours is the most uniquely spectacular with authentic interest in connecting with you. We are a combination of a collaborative community commons for locals and a home-based, hostel-like housing property for travelers. We deliver everything Vegas and the area has to offer for travelers while cutting through the hype and bullshit that’s designed around capitalism to the extreme. This is your opportunity to perpetuate your travel while being more than just a tourist in one of the most fun cities our world has to offer and just by being a facilitator of others’ epic experiences in exchange for an extended stay. So…

Want to live it up in the adult playground of the world for a few while also making connections through being part of a vibrant community? If the answer is ‘yes’ than you’ve found the right profile…

-Traveling for the sake of adventure and making connections? Perfect.
-Want to experience all Vegas offer; nightlife, nature, travelers from everywhere and chill locals? Fantastic.
-Desire to contribute to a community of like-minded citizens of the world who help empower explorers to enjoy Sin City and it’s surroundings? Solid.

Look no further as we offer the ideal housing exchange for you to partake in, be valued through and belong to while indulging in all that this world-renowned city has to offer.

In exchange for being a part of our community and having a place to stay with us you’ll be assisting a wide variety of ways to help fellow travelers enjoy your new city and temporary home. This will of course include teaching yoga, as all of us in our community love yoga, and find that travelers often do too. Besides this, we have chores for everyone that stays, which could include: housekeeping, kitchen duties, hosting other travelers, organizing excursions, contributing to an art project or helping expand the sphere of the community as a whole.

If this interests you, make this know by shooting a message, and we would love to entertain the possibility of hosting you.

Mav Maverick avatar

Hello YOU! I'm so uber stoked you chose to check out my profile and I'm patient while anticipating meeting you in the real world soon if you so choose. Let's live in the harmony found through light and love beyond just status-quo by embracing only great vibes. You'll soon find out that I'm social to the core, chill as fuck, lighthearted beyond believe, optimistic to the max, as free-spirited as a tumbleweed, open-minded as ever, playful beyond a fault and all about the journey over the destination. If you too love meeting new people, embracing adventure, seizing opportunities, learning from others in a way that pushes your limits, desire to be a contributor and not simply a consumer, and value clear and clever communication we will get along just smashingly. This soul has zoomed around the sun enough to understand a thing or two about life and self. You should know that it's no coincidence that my name matches me to a T as I am a nonconformist, unconventional and anti-establishment bent independent thinker. If you don't appreciate someone who is thoroughly comfortable in their own skin, lives in a nonjudgmental way while still speaking their mind and setting healthy boundaries based on respect and each other’s comfort then you won't like entering my world. Would you like to get lost in the moment while embracing an adventure and living life to the fullest? Then hop on board as before the train that is Maverick leaves the station. After all, if life isn't a shit ton of fun, while we remain open to whatever the universe bestows upon us, what's it worth anyways? To get a different perspective and/or a deeper look into my life feel free to find me and connect through fb/ig: www.facebook.com/california.mav @california.mav Happy surfing fellow social adventures! Maverick