Yoga Instructor/ Retreat General Assitant

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Have you recently graduate as a yoga instructor? Are you looking for opportunity to teach and improve your teaching skills? Are you interested to learn about organizing yoga and wellbeing retreats? Are you willing to assist to day to day tasks of running a multimodal retreat? Are you keen to participate in the preparation of food together with the other guest as active part of the retreat? Are you ready to have fun while you learn and improve and most important practice your teaching, life and social skills? Are you a couple? We love couple! Are you single? We love single! Namaste and shanti shanti shanti

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Siddhartha Vasco (Giuseppe Rosato: MA, YT, EAT, Reiki Master) is a certified yoga teacher and qualified yoga therapist (YT) since 2005. Amongst his rigorous yoga training, Siddharta has trained at the Sivananda School of Yoga and Bihar School of Yoga in India, National Association of Hatha Yoga in Cuba, Yoga Therapy Centre in England, and Yoga Outreach in Canada. He has been fortunate to meet with saints, savants and shamans during his travels in Asia and Latin America who have blessed him with hands on knowledge of yoga, meditation, self-discovery, altered state of consciousness and much more.  He completed in 2010 a Master of Arts in Alternative Healing Modalities from University of Calgary - Canada (MA), researching and experiencing on the work or the practical application for self-healing and self-transformation of the subtle body system of the chakras or energy/consciousness vortex. After graduating from University of Calgary and as a result of his phenomenological research ( he decided to pursue a new career path as a psychotherapist and in June 2013 he achieved an accredited post-graduate diploma as Expressive Arts Therapist (EAT) from Langara College (British Columbia-Canada) His further training in creative and expressive arts psychotherapy enabled him to start his own private practice as a Certified Expressive Arts Therapist (EAT) and he is currently an active member of Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association (OEATA). The ever increasing focus on creativity and expressivity as therapeutic sources is for him a constant source of inspiration to integrate healing, transformational, exploratory and therapeutic tools from his various ares of expertise such as yoga, reiki, and psychotherapy to serve his clientele. Giuseppe has worked in quality of Alternative and Integrative Therapist with various vulnerable and non vulnerable populations including addiction, seniors, adults and youth and taught workshops in Yoga and ExAT internationally. Furthermore, he has facilitated various retreat worldwide. Some of his area of specialization and interest are Health & Well-Being, Mental Health, World Culture, Fiction and Creative Writing, Consciousness, Gender, Social Justice, Communication and Culture, Philosophy, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Human Rights, Traveling & Multiculturalism.