*Karma Yogi (TRANSLATOR AND PHOTOGRAPHER) Wanted for women’s only Goa Heart Adventure in January*

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Hey wonderful women

I’m looking for a female photographer and translator (from English to either Spanish or German) for my women’s only Heart Immersion/Retreat this January 12-19th in Mandrem Beach, Goa. Please read carefully through the whole info and only apply if you can commit to this. You can apply also if only one of the two jobs applies to you.
I do prefer if you could do both do and you don’t need to be a pro but passionate, skillful, kind, of service and from the heart. I need someone to translate for the whole week, pictures and video sessions could also be set individually by your schedule.

What would be your jobs:

-Translator: I have one woman that only speaks German and Spanish (I do speak German as well) and I’ll need you to translate the intros of the workshops and also support her during the sharing circles either from English into Spanish or English into German. As we are in the practice itself you will not have to translate (I’ll teach bilingual) but be able to practice for yourself.

Would be amazing if you could take pictures of the ceremonies and some small videos to share the feeling of the retreat for future offerings.

What is the retreat about:

An adventure back to your heart through Cacao Ceremonies, Wisdom Goddess Rituals, Yin Journeys, Women Circles, and Ecstatic Dance. Find all info here: www.gonebravewoman.com/adventures and see if your heart says YES! 🙂

The exchange that I can offer you:
-Shared accommodation with another woman from the retreat in a tree hut with hot water, your own bed and mosquito net
-Participation in the whole retreat (2x 2-3hs long yoga sessions or ceremonies in the morning and evening), the 10-page-long manual on Wisdom Goddesses, Yin Yoga, Cacao Ceremony, Rituals
-Pre-Yoga morning tea & fruit
-> If you’re already in Goa long-term and have a bed, I can offer you as exchange 2 private Yin Sessions based on your Ayurvedic Dosha, individually created for you and your needs.

Who I am:
I’m called Aleks, was born and grew up in Switzerland, Serbian roots and now since October 2015 traveling and just really diving deep into my own inner journey and allowing mySelf to open up my heart wide. I’m not scared to move through darkness and discomfort or look at my own shit. My mission is all about creating and holding a safe space for people to reconnect back to their hearts as this is and was so healing for me. I see life as an on-going ceremony and for me, living yoga is far beyond just putting the body in different postures on the mat.

Read more about me and my mission here:

How to apply:
If this is all a YES from your heart, please send until Jan 5th a short email with your CV and portfolio of your work to gonebravewoman@aleks.yoga with the subject “Karma Yogi Goa Heart Adventure”. Women only and only if all the above applies.

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Hi! I’m called Aleks.2013 I fell in a deep sadness, questioning my whole life and sense of it. I didn’t only discover meditation but also my scariest fears in a very painful relationship.After an offline trip in Brazil and shaking on the train station in Zurich - where everyone seemed stressed out - I felt completely out of place and knew: My inner flow isn't that fast and I can't push myself anymore.Freedom, depth & authenticity is what my soul needed – so I quit my job as Community Manager for Yelp Zurich in 2015, sold all my pretty clothes, went to the city office and just signed out off.It all started by craving a big change, reconnecting back to my intuition and radically honest answering the questions: What do you really want? How do you feel? What can you do to make these changes happen?Today I’m traveling with my love Adam and I keep exploring my inner depths.Love, Aleks