Yoga Instructer for all levels

Hello! we are looking for a yoga instructor for the whole week. Morning classes start at 7am and classes in the afternoon start at 5:15. it is a volunteering job, but we do ask our clients 6 dollars +15% tax where the yoga instructor will receive 3 dollars per client. We do help with marketing, think of making flyers, social media posts etc. but we do expect that the yoga instructor will do something with the marketing as well, like handing out flyers in hostels and looking for clients which will be a win win deal. we offer our instructor a free accommodation (with bedroom and bathroom) and we offer the instructor free breakfast from our all you can eat buffet in the hotel. it is possible to come as a couple we offer the same breakfast and accommodation but the 3 dollars per client stays the same.

are you interested don’t hesitate to write us an email!