female yogini, yoga master-teacher, health & wellness practitioner, please read below for more info about the qualifications

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We are looking for a serious candidate who’s able to commit for a good period of time with interval leaves in between in the middle east region. She must speak english fluently, dynamic, energetic and career oriented FEMALE YOGINI LIVING A HOLISTIC AND A CLEAN YOGIC LIFESTYLE. WHO’S WELL LEARNED AND QUALIFIED IN ALTERNATIVE AND HOLISTIC HEALING MODALITIES AND A PRACTITIONER AND MASSAGE THERAPY, WHO’S ABLE TO COOK AND BAKE HEALTHY FOOD-HEALTHY CHEF OR COOK. (please see below for more details). Candidate must be honest, understanding, open, well cultured and highly adaptable to different people, places, lifestyles, cultures and traditions. She must be up to date, always researching and always trying to learn new things and improving herself by researching, taking courses, seminars, watching videos in order for her to enhance her knowledge, skills and areas of expertise as much as possible. Love for art and decor is highly appreciated. This is a private one to one job for serious candidates only. Candidate will work at employer’s residence, NOT in a yoga studio, gym, spa, school, institute, …etc.

A Yoga master or teacher with a wide range of experience and with a comprehensive background as an accredited and certified yoga master in yogic sciences, philosophy, principles, ethics, theories and of course in yoga practices and who lives by them, as well as having a very good foundation and certified in ayurveda, naturopathy, holistic and alternative healing modalities as well as weight loss, lifestyle and detox programs. A candidate who also has good experience and expertise or licensed in spa and massage therapies.

The job qualifications entails but aren’t restricted to:

1. Extensive experience in hatha, aqua, ashtanga, vinyasa, therapeutic, weight loss, yin and pre-post natal yoga practices and body alignment, possibly yoga according to dosha, with preferably 300hrs to 500hrs and favorably skilled enough to teach yoga teachers’ training course.

2. Possibly who’s knowledgeable in human anatomy and physiology and spa therapies.

3. All yogic pranayamas, breathing, yoga nidras, meditations, vipasana, mudras, bandas, shatkarmas, panchakarma and possibly application of yogic sleep .

4. Yoga philosophy, panajali yoga sutras, yoga scriptures, principles, theories, ethics, aspects, habits and applying them in life.

5. Ayurveda practitioner or health advisor, holistic therapist, naturopathy, who’s able to cook according to what’s mentioned above. who’s possibly able to teach ayurveda and how to apply ayurveda-naturopathy in everyday life and who’s able to do pulse reading. (Such as applying the six tastes and five elements in daily life). Knowledgeable about nutrition, herbs, spices, …etc. Certification and good foundation and experience in plant based nutrition-Food is a big credit and favorably in macrobiotics as well.

6. Well learned of vedic science, vedas and especially ayurveda and how to apply them in daily life.

7. Weight loss and healthy lifestyle programs, detox and body cleansing therapies.

8. Licensed massage therapist who’s knowledgeable about different types of massage therapies, as slimming, therapeutic, ayurvedic, detoxing, healing massages, reflexology and acupressure. Such as, but aren’t restricted to: (lomilomi, balinese, hot stone, swedish, thai, hilot, deep tissue, lymphatic massages, …etc.).

9. Good knowledge about gardening, herbal-remedial gardens, herbs, spices, …etc.

10. Coaching, mindfulness and a healthy way of life management.

11. Chakra healing and alignment, preferably aura Healing or cosmic healing too. aromatherapy will be a big benefit.

12. Some types of energy healing as: reiki, pranic healing, and ti chi or feng shui.

13. Favorably aware and well learned of some other coaching and healing modalities, which aren’t restricted to: massages, aromatherapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), tension stress and trauma release exercises (TRE), somatic experiencing, ho’oponopono, reflex exercises, medical medium, gerson therapy, hippocrates food healing, sedona method, louise hay, abraham and esther hicks, eckhart tolle teachings, brandon bays, gabrielle bernstein, frank kinslow, jack canfield, tony robbins, deepak chopra, wayne dyer, joe dispenza, dain heer, access consciousness and access bars, manifestation, the secret, mel robbins, simon sinek, paul mcKenna, arts, color therapy, joyful, positive, inspiring and motivational talks, …etc.

For interested candidates, please contact us (send your complete cv with your contact number and details and a recent full body picture/s). Candidates’ age much be between: 36-58 years old. We will provide accommodation, meals and medical aid. Salary is negotiable depending on the experience and qualifications. More details will be provided upon interview.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a private one to one job for serious candidates only. Candidate will work at employer’s residence, NOT in a yoga studio, gym, spa, school, institute, …etc.

Thank you.