Juice Detox Assistant – Seva Program

  • Work Study
  • Bahamas

We are currently looking for students who are interested in supporting our juice detox department during our high season.  In this role, students will work closely with our department manager and juice detox presenters.  They will be responsible for providing administrative support, as well as working hands on to help guests participating in the courses, as well as the detox leads.
This role is part of our seva program and as part of our karma yoga program.  Therefore, students will have a full immersion into a yogic lifestyle by participating daily in two Satsangs (meditation, chanting and lecture), a daily Asana practice and selfless service (juice detox assistant).  If your karma yoga assignment does not conflict you also have the opportunity to participate in daily workshops with our special guest presenters on the various topics of yoga!
We ask that students join for the three month program to provide consistency to the department.  We need support late October -January, late January – April and late April to July.
If this role does not sound like something you may be interested, but would like to join us for our regular program please feel free to submit an application.
Should you like more information about our program or this role, please send us an email.
Om Shanti, Om Peace
Radha – Karma Yoga Coordinator