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To reduce spam I am requiring you to start your reply to this listing with the phrase “Om shanti shanti shanti”. Please use this phrase at the start of your reply or I will not read your message. Thank you for understanding.

I am looking for a skilled yoga teacher to assist me with teacher trainings and drop-in classes in Gokarna, India.

You are right for this job if you have a passion for teaching authentic yoga.

Your daily schedule will be/responsibilities include:

– 5-6:15 AM: Helping set up and assisting yoga teacher training (TTC) students with shatkarmas (kunjal, sutra, neti).
– 6:15 – 7 AM: Your break before class
– 7-10:15 AM: Running asana class for TTC students. I will work with you on what/how to run every session (there’s a lesson plan to follow, though I’m open to feedback from you on what you teach). In general, most days, you’ll teach limbering, body-weight exercises, surya namaskar, then asana in hatha style. A few days you’ll teach vinyasa flow, and one yin/restorative class (based on when students NEED it) ?
– 10:15 AM – 3:30 PM: Big break. I expect you to take 30 minutes at some point to flyer on the beach to find students for our drop-in classes. I’ll provide the flyers.
– 3:30 – 4 PM: Running mantra/chanting class
– 4-5:30 PM: Running drop-in class
– 7:45 – 8:45 PM: Assisting me (lead instructor) with Kirtan/Satsang. Yes, you will be singing ?

Total time: 8 hours per day, 6 days/week (Sundays are free day).

This schedule will be followed for 3 weeks during the TTC, and then the fourth week we will have no TTC students – only drop-ins and flyering on the beach (so, 2 hours of work/day). All other time in your day is free for you to relax. After that fourth week the next TTC will start.

I will need you in Gokarna by January 10th until end of April (cannot leave before April 29).

The job is at the beach in India. India is a unique environment. If you’re not familiar with India it’s a magical country though it does have its challenges – power outages, water stops flowing if the well isn’t pumped, you’ll sleep with a mosquito net, etc. You need to be prepared to live a more simple lifestyle.

Salary will be competitive for the area. You will receive a base salary as well as 50% commission for every student who attends your drop-in classes. Base salary to be discussed based on experience.

Food and accommodation are not included, though your base pay will cover your living expenses here (food and accommodation) and should cover flight to/from India from your home country (not guaranteed as it’s depending on where you’re flying from), though not much more. For now I run donation-based TTCs so I don’t do this for the money and I need someone to assist who understands and is on the same page.

This is about authentically teaching yogis how to be great teachers and starting a community here of like-minded people. I sincerely hope you can join me and run the most amazing Yoga Teacher Training program in the world.

In your reply I am asking for:

1. Confirmation that you understand what I’m looking for, can handle the responsibilities, are OK with base pay that covers your expenses here, and have no concerns that you’ll be a good fit.
2. Are able to arrive in India by January 10 and can stay until April 29.
3. A brief description of your yoga journey.
4. A brief description of your fitness and yoga teaching experience.

Priority will be given to teachers already in India.