Yoga Teacher in Paradise

  • Work Exchange
  • Ecuador

I am looking for someone to teach 6 times a week from july to mid august after august 18 it will only be 4 classes a week. There are also contracts from

February-April 2017

April-May 2017

May-july 2017

July -September 2017

Classes are 1.5 hr and i am looking for a balanced class of pranayama, postures (warm up, standing, abdominal, seated, inversion and lying, savasana) and meditation.  The candidate will need to have the ability to teach a open class and be prepared to give variation for all levels and well as accommodating injury and pregnancy. I am not looking for a exercise class, spirituality is encouraged within reason and depending on who is in class. I am looking for someone with atleast 200YTT and 1 years experience.  Resume and letter of reference required. Please specify which contract you are interested in.

We are offering an exchange of accommodations, yoga classes after august 18 and surf classes and surf board (when the teacher and boards are available), as well as bike to travel around town. Your accommodation is a two bedroom house with private bathroom which you will be sharing with our administrator it has with wifi, hot water.

Here is a promo video of Otra Ola