Volunteer Yoga Instructor

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  • Haiti

A volunteer yoga teacher with experience in developing countries or with vulnerable populations is needed! We are a dynamic, volunteer-led, educational community located in the Greater Port-au-Prince area. As a university, ETS offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs taught in English and Haitian Creole. Research fellowships, internships, community service programs, the Creole Language Institute, and student-initiated projects come together to create unparalleled opportunities for learning, research, and professional growth. For several years we have been seeking volunteer yoga instructors willing to come to Haiti and teach our students and the local community how the practice of yoga can help improve mental and physical well-being, even for people who have experienced severe trauma or who face ongoing personal difficulties. Volunteers teach about 20 hours per week and have the rest of their time free to rest, relax, study Haitian Creole, or tour the country. The campus is comfortable, by local standards, with running water, 24-hour electricity, WiFi, a swimming pool, sports fields, gym with fitness equipment, and lots of space for walking.