Yoga & Retreat Teacher

  • India

Shridev Jasnath Trust
at Shri Jasnsath Asan (ashram)

Shridev Jasnath Trust is housed in Shri Jasnath Asan (Ashram) in Panchla Siddha, a small village 1.5 hours north of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The ashram is within a 500-year-old fortress structure, the oldest spiritual and educational institution in the Marwar region. We are now seeking a full time yoga teacher and educator for the retreat center, to organize and lead yoga educational projects.

We are looking for a candidate who can use their yoga expertise and teaching experience to build and maintain a yoga program for the trust. This candidate will be someone who has a deep understanding of education principles, and a creative approach to motivating and transforming students.

Key Responsibilities

-Be present on campus from September 1 – June 30 (our high season is from October – March) to coordinate and manage education programs and projects.
-Conduct online work July and August. Average 40-hour work week.
-Organize monthly educational workshops including (but not limited to): Yoga Teacher Training program for Indian residents, ailment workshops, wellness classes, etc.
-Manage local and regional social media PR vehicles such as Facebook, making strategic recommendations in order to drive engagement and conversions to participation in classes and workshops.
-Manage local and regional marketing efforts, distributing flyers and posters, networking with studios and shop owners, placing ads in local papers.
-Assist in the design, organization and execution of monthly retreats and workshops.
-Design learning objects such as booklets, pamphlets, and video.
-Teach 6 yoga classes weekly.


-Bachelor’s degree.
-Master’s degree a plus and yoga or healing arts diploma a plus.
-Yoga Alliance certified 500 HR YTT with registration.
-3+ years experience as a teacher.
-3+ years experience as a yoga teacher.
-Experience in marketing strategy, marketing communication – content creation: writing, images, PR.
-Effective written and oral communications skills in English.
-Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Shri Jasnath Asan Code of Conduct

A consistent practice of a healthy lifestyle begins with change and the adoption of new habits that are in line with your life purpose and goals. The code of conduct and schedule we have designed is based on the practical experience of thousands of spiritual visitors to this region – they are scientific and rational. Keeping to this code of conduct and schedule creates a very conducive atmosphere for transformation, and breaking them corrupts it.

-Abstention from: intoxicants, cigarettes, non-vegetarian foods
-Prohibited: killing, stealing, lying, cruelty to animals, people, or plants
-Those arriving at the ashram as couples are not restricted from intimacy except in public. Otherwise romantic interaction with ashram residents or visitors is strictly prohibited.
-Modesty in clothing is required, suited to the spiritual nature of the ashram and the customs of the region. Sunbathing is only permitted on the roof top with privacy.
-Women will cover their heads with a scarf in the temple and are restricted from these areas during menses, for their own spiritual protection.
-Residents are required to bathe daily, and before entering the temple. They are required to keep their rooms and clothes neat and clean.
-Guests and residents are required to participate in the ashram family life/system: family meeting, karma yoga, meals, kirtan, classes, etc.
-Yoga training participants will observe Mauna (silence) from the conclusion of Puja until conclusion of meditation class the following morning. You are welcome to participate in your development in this way. If you choose not to, please be considerate of those choosing noble silence.

Compensation and Accommodation

Shri Jasnath Asan offers a comprehensive compensation package including the opportunity to set new standards in the Marwar region’s oldest educational institution. We are the first yoga retreat center in Rajasthan. We consider not only the financial requirements of applicants, but also the spiritual, intellectual and physical.
Upon hire, the applicant agrees to the following compensation in exchange for aforementioned contribution to our ashram.
-Excellent sattvic work environment and culture
-Housing – simple, single room with community bath, linens
-Meals – 3 organic, locally grown, vegetarian + 2 tea
-Access to library during open hours
-Letter of recommendation, depending on performance
-All work related expenses (textbooks, wifi, transportation, etc.)
-Initial annual salary of 1L + annual bonus on performance

How to Apply

This full time position is preceded by a trial phase of 3-6 week volunteering (Seva) so that we can get to know each other and explore the potential in the position. To apply for this position, send cover letter with CV and current photo to Please include “Yoga & Retreat Teacher” in the subject line. Once the volunteer commitment has been successfully completed, the option to join the ashram under a similar job description, on a full-time basis will be offered.