Retreat Organizer


Do you want a way to travel in exchange for running yoga classes and increasing your teaching experience? Are you looking to stay in a gorgeous luxe resort and eat amazing food for free in El Salvador? It is paradise, and just a few hours flight from the USA. Do you have a following on social media of at least 1,000? Are you looking to intern at a yoga retreat in paradise?

If yes, let me tell you who I am. I am Tristan, and I run retreats. I believe in helping people identify their true values and living a more authentic life. I stumbled on a resort in El Salvador while taking a “gap year” and I keep coming back – for the travelers who find this amazing place, for the yoga temple, for the resort staff, for the volunteers, and the locals. I want to share what I found at this resort. And I want to find a yoga teacher who wants to teach classes and be part of this amazing experience. The classes will be early in the morning (7:30-9 AM) and before dinner (4:30-6) unless the students prefer a slight shift in those start/end times (maybe they will want shorter sessions, or to start later, etc.). The exact responsibilities will be flexible based on what the yogi’s who sign up for the retreat want. Of course, within reason – if they want a 3rd class, I would jump in and teach so you would get a break from too much teaching. You only have to teach 2x/day, and there is one “off” day from yoga where we’re going to hike a volcano – and you can come free of charge.

I am looking to hold my next retreat in January, February, or March 2017 (depending on resort & your availability). I am committed to making my next retreat experience second to none. If my customers don’t have the best time I will refund their money 100%. No other yoga retreat can guarantee that.

Joining you and I on the retreat will be Michelle from Create Honesty. Michelle will offer group and paid private workshops with the yogi’s on being their best self, identifying their true values, and living a fulfilling life. You’re welcome to join in and participate in the program if you’d like. She’ll have 3 group workshops during the week and be available for paid individual time with the yogis.

If the yogis request private classes (maybe they’ll want to really learn a pose in-depth, or want an extra chance to workout with you helping guide the routine and spot them for correct form) – you can work with them on the timing based on what works for you two. Typical cost for this type of service is $150/hr and you get to keep all the proceeds. 

The specifics about this resort are likely to change as we get closer to the date and as we learn more about the specific yogi’s who are joining us – including you! Though we attract a certain crowd (amazing yogi’s, and amazing people in general!) we leave room to change up the retreat in case there’s something that makes more sense for the individual and the group as a whole.

Have questions for me? Do you want to work with me as a yoga teacher in El Salvador for a week retreat in Jan, Feb, or March 2017? Please don’t hesitate to reach out using this site – To control spam I need you to start the message with the phrase “I can work with you to run this week-long retreat as the yoga instructor.” Be sure to tell me what dates specifically work for you to join this retreat.