Administrative Officer in Guatemala


We are looking for motivated, talented individuals to help grow our business and contribute to our supportive community. This position is a dream job for those that want to live in community and have a personal teacher / mentor to deepen their yoga and spiritual practice.

The Doron Yoga & Zen Center (DYZC) is a spiritual, no-nonsense retreat center that seeks practical solutions, based on real experiences rather than religious dogma. Self-responsibility, honesty, integrity, transparency and care for each other are foundational values.

We fuse our study and practice of yoga and Zen with regenerative living inspired by permaculture, The Flexitarian Method, and mindful actions. We seek to involve the local community with our practice of The Yoga Lifestyle. We seek to share tools for sustainable joy with our community in Guatemala, and with the world. We offer a safe home to unlearn our limiting conditioning, and learn how to live a joyful life including, art, yummy nutrition, dance and philosophy programs to realize our full potential. We have some of the most beautiful surroundings and facilities in the area. The property itself is inspirational and rich with nature and permaculture.
DYZC offers in-depth study and practice programs, along with lighthearted dance and play. This is the land of free spirit meets responsibility and we’re looking for the right person to become our newest live-in family member.

• Track the daily income and expenditures of the Retreat Center
• Create and maintain spreadsheets tracking inventory and financial records
• Track and manage payroll for DYZC employees
• Assist with updating web pages, social media, and listing sites (Airbnb,, etc.) as needed
• Assist with on-site customer service and reception: ensuring check-in, check-out, and all meals go smoothly
• Helping to coordinate guest services such as booking shuttles and tours
• Lead by example: achieve personal as well as team goals
• Set goals for retail, re-booking, and booking goals
• Create a positive Team environment.
• Manifesting our growth program and ensure that all systems and people function efficiently and in harmony.

Duration: Minimum 1year commitment

Hours: 6 hours a day, 6 days a week with a willingness and commitment to be flexible and contribute as needed.

Starting Date: ASAP

Once proven in your position, opportunity to progress to manger role.


You are bright, dynamic, detail oriented, loyal, responsible, trust worthy and committed.
• Must have competent computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft programs and the ability to comfortably navigate the internet
• Goal oriented individual that is also a highly motivated team player
• Must be patient, detail oriented and willing to do what it takes to bring the DYZC vision to life
• Must be fluent in English and Spanish.
• Excellent administrative and IT skills with a passion for driving sales
• Working knowledge of computers and standard software
• Industry experience and knowledge preferred
• Demonstrate emotional intelligence
• Available to work varied hours/weekends, evenings, holidays etc.
• Community-oriented and able to work well with a team


Comfortable room and board, all daily classes (yoga, pranayama, etc.), yoga and life path mentoring with Doron, high quality living (near lake, SUP, natural sauna, fire ceremonies, and many other perks, modest salary and % of profits.
Opportunity for self-growth: You will be living in a community that prioritizes mindfulness and self-awareness on all levels. With both mentorship from Doron and support from the small community here, you are sure to experience the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of our daily practice. You will get as much out of this opportunity as you put into it, possibly growing into a more peaceful state of mind and a more developed sense of self that will benefit you no matter your path in life.
Included within this arrangement are meditation and pranayama, as well as yoga classes at the DYZC when offered. Fire nights, dharma talks, temazcal and Zen dance are also included. Options to participate in retreats and workshops may be available.
There is also an option for the applicant to participate in the teacher-training course (TTC). Applicant will pay the full price at first; however, will receive the full money back in 10 monthly payments. If qualified, they would be welcomed and encouraged to teach at DYZC afterwards. TTC participation can happen after 6 months of work at the DYZC.

You agree to a minimum 2-year non-compete anywhere near Lake Atitlan Guatemala.
Option to live off property.

Please send resume, cv, photo and a paragraph on why this is your dream position to

• Why do you think you will be right for this position?
• Can you see yourself living, working, eating, and practicing with your peers and management?
• Do you have any admin / management experience you’d like to highlight? Please provide valid examples of what you have learned.
• Have you lived overseas, in developing countries? Can you adjust to new circumstances, lifestyle and environment?
• Please explain why you consider it beneficial for this role, and add any other experience you think might be relevant to the role you’d like to note

We are looking for an intelligent dynamic person who has a keen interest in yoga and working on their mind, excellent administrative and IT skills, a passion for driving sales, works well under stress and has good vibes.

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