Student Work-Study Program Doron Yoga & Zen Center

Our work-study program is based around harmoniously living and studying at our community while also offering your skills to help further our programs here. Doron is a master instructor with over 25-years of experience. Inspired by his time in zen monasteries and ashrams, as well as by Ashtanga founder Pattabhi Jois (among other teachers), he founded the center as a place where people can deepen their yoga practice and learn to quiet their mind. The program includes a bed here at the center, as well as three delicious/filling vegetarian meals a day. All of your basic needs are met so that you have time and space to focus on both work and your practice. Compared to many of the other centers around the lake, we offer a very comfortable lifestyle with hot showers and wifi, as well as a nicer dorm room with comfy mattresses and beautiful bedding. In addition, you will be surrounded by a positive, supportive group of motivated individuals who share similar goals in yoga, mindfulness, wellness, and holistic health and happiness.

At the center, we practice meditation, pranayama, and yoga asana 6 days a week. All of our meals are eaten together as a group. We also encourage work-study participants to consider joining our amazing Teacher Training course. Doron personally helps participants prepare and deepen before the course, and if applicable offers teaching opportunities after.

Located a short walk from Lake Atitlan in the small Maya village of Tzununa, the Center’s grounds naturally grow coffee, banana, avocado (yum, guacamole!), among other trees. Near to the small river that flows through the property are herb and vegetable gardens, a large chicken coop, plenty of grounds for the dog and cats to play, and a fire pit to enjoy on chilly evenings. The yoga shala (practice space) and all other buildings at the Center are built for comfort and safety while being ecological. Enjoy this little piece of paradise while you work, sleep, eat, play, and grow at our facilities.

Program Highlights & Benefits

• Be mentored by a renowned yoga teacher with 25+ years of experience
• 2.5 total hours of zen meditation & yoga asana practice 6 days a week
• 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day, carefully crafted to be filling & nutritious
• Participation in extra activities (ie. fire nights, temazcal (sauna), and movie night)
• Access to the beautiful Lake Atitlan and its surrounding communities
• Living in a positive, supportive community of inspiring
• Comfortable beds, hot showers and free wifi

Program Commitments and Expectations

Whatever the project, our expected time commitment from work-study participants is usually 5 hours per day. We do ask for a small monetary sum of $12/day to help cover the cost of programming, room, board, and 2.5 hours of daily yoga/meditation instruction. All of your basic needs will be met at the center, so there shouldn’t be a need to spend very much additional money during your stay. We ask that you put down a deposit that covers the first 30 days of your stay ($360). This deposit is non-refundable, as it’s our insurance against last minute cancellations.

Current Projects

• Marketing and sales of Doron Yoga Programs and trainings – finding new affiliates, social medial, direct emails to studios, teachers and other potential collaborators. SEO on our WordPress site etc., Preferable software specific knowledge such as WordPress, mail chimp etc. Bringing your own laptop is heavily preferred.
• Filmography: editing videos, uploading to youtube, around the property for our web listings and social media – Preferable software specific knowledge such as imovie, photoshop etc
• Carpentry, electricity and crafts: build shelves, tables, benches, nightstands, lamps etc.
• Permaculture and eco-projects – creating worm compost, aquaponics, or other specific projects that you know how to do and can run on your own.
• Computer work: updating excel sheets, making flyers, editing blog posts. Must have perfect English and good computer skills. (word / excel). Bringing your own laptop is heavily preferred.
•Fine Art & Crafts: We’re proud to feature custom art throughout our center. Mostly, we are interested in larger works like murals and statues, though we also have some smaller projects like signage around the property. We are open to various mediums such as painting, carving, sculpting, etc. If you’d like this to be the focus of your work here, we ask that you provide us with a small portfolio of art samples. Depending on the project, we may also ask you bring your own supplies.

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Doron Yoga is devoted to guiding people into holistic health and happiness through yoga, meditation, pranayama, and nutrition, creating a stress-free, calm and focused mind in a strong and supple body. We specialize in creating a toolbox of practical life skills, blending ancient wisdom with current trends, promoting a compassionate international community guided by authenticity, service, awareness and is a great need for yoga, and even more so for the Doron Yoga holistic approach. Life today is very fast, technical, and stressful, with lots of expectations and distractions. Doron Yoga seeks to help people find balance in a practical way, using the foundations of Zen, ashtanga vinyasa and Ayurveda blended with the most advanced contemporary research and knowledge of nutrition, health, anatomy and breath work, and mind training.Doron Yoga follows the Flexitarian Method, which really takes into consideration the specific needs of each individual within their specific circumstances. The Yoga Lifestyle book, dives deeper into these concepts and practices.The Doron Yoga sequences are masterfully crafted so you stretch and activate every part of your body in every class. The sequences make sure you leave class balanced, powerful and high on life.