Volunteer for 1-2 Sport in Holland


Dear reader,

My name is Mariska, 27 years old Dutch girl and besides of being a travel-enthusiast and sports lover, I am the owner of a small scaled sportsclub called “1-2 Sport”. With my community of members we’ve created a happy and open place to exercise and learn more about physical health. We mostly train outdoors and are happy too, because we are located at a beautiful nature area in Holland called “The Veluwe”.

I’m looking for a female yoga or pilates enthusiast who is maybe traveling threw Europe, and is open to come and bring some peacefull energy to my members. I would like to organise -in collaboration with you- a themed clinic/course to experience yoga and where becoming more “zen” is a beautiful learninggoal. Nothing too serious, just hoping to offer some valluable me-time to my members in a fun way. I do not expect you to come and work 8 hours a day, just a few hours of teaching during your stay is enough.

But what can I offer you? I can offer you your own cosy & rent-free room for a period up till 2 weeks. I will also pay for your traintickets and you will have a bicycle so you can explore the nature around our village (and visit Amersfoort, it’s so nice!). Me and my cat Pamuk will share our beautiful house with big garden that stands in a small village in the middle of the Netherlands (45min drive from Amsterdam, 20min from Utrecht). I will respect your privacy, as I hope to recieve the same.

You are welcome whenever our schedules will meet. So, let’s have a cup of coffee on Skype? ? I would love to hear your story!

With kind regards,

Mariska <3