Acro Yoga teacher in need

  • Work Exchange
  • Ecuador

Looking for a enthusiastic Acro yoga teacher, who is willing to work in a fun, and laid back environment. You would join a team of experts in different kind of trades and will be working to build up a community based company that does not exist anywhere in the world.

Your job would be to teach Acro yoga 3-5 a week , depends on demand. You will get the opertunity to be part of a vision and if you wish to express your creative powers and ideas there will be room for that.

In exchange for your work we will offer you 2 gourmet meals a day, the money you make from your work, and surf lessons. you would need to pay for your accommodation though. I email please ask for more details.

We are looking for enthusiastic, young, positive energy, l open minded spirits full of vitality who want to express them selves and make a change in the world.