Yoga teacher / Social host in Weligama, Sri Lanka

At Basecamp a lot of guests are staying with us because they would love to do yoga. We also sell yoga packages which includes a room, breakfast and yoga twice a day, and those are very popular. We are known for our yoga shala up on a little hill, surrounded by nature and looking over the ocean. Besides guest who are staying at Basecamp we also have walk-ins who stop by to join the yoga class.
Our yoga classes:
8.00 – 9.30 am: Active yoga class (hatha or vinyasa flow)
4.00 – 5.30 pm: Relaxing yoga class (yin or restorative)

We are looking for a professional en experienced yoga teacher, who is able to teach in English.

Job responsibilities:
Teaching yoga twice a day (7 days a week)
we can find another teacher for 1 day a week if you like a day off
or in High Season 2 teachers both 3,5 days of teaching
Prepare yoga class
Keep yoga shala clean and free of water (if it rained you have to get up there 20 minutes before)
Welcoming guests before the class starts
Taking care of the payments before and/or after the class
Administrate the yoga related income (and possible costs)
Making sure all props and mats are clean and ready to use
For us it would be a big pre if you would like to have dinner with the guests 3 days a week (we offer LKR 500 rs per dinner)

20% commission on the yoga-classes (price per class is LKR 1.500 per person)
Breakfast every day you are teaching
During low season a room at Basecamp. During high season up to 20.000 per month for accommodation (we can help you find accommodation or arrange it for you, or if you rather look for yourself we offer 20.000 LKR)
Getting the LKR 500 paid at a social dinner

Holiday or days off are always possible on request and when replacement can be arranged (this is the responsibility of the teacher).
You are welcome to be creative with events and extra services such as massages, reiki etc. This way you can earn some extra on the side, please consult with management.
You can teach at other places too, only if this doesn’t intervene with the work at Basecamp