Experienced Holistic Retreat Marketing Recruiter & Organizer Wanted.

  • Canada

Experienced Marketing Professional From Holistic Retreat Background.

We are looking an exceptional communication skills for our water based, yoga & meditation retreats. Should have knowledge of online marketing and marketing channels relating to promoting and selling out holistic based retreats. You will be able to demonstrate success in this niche and you will have the confidence to hit the ground running.

I could write a whole page of responsibilities and requirements here but prefer to have you tell us how you successfully filled your retreats.

Pay is success based and you will be home based initially.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not require Yoga Teachers at this time unless you have the skills as outlined here.

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I created sober waters retreat as a result of my own past dependency problems. Having completed the 12 step program, my life had changed forever and I was now looking into an uncertain future - I felt alone, in world not really understood. My old social life was gone forever and I needed to fill the void that abstinence had now created. Apart from attending regular meetings or the odd recovery retreat, my social life was pretty much non existent and this is my journey began. I travelled the world and embraced many different spiritual practices. I eventually found and begun to integrate these ideas and practices into my life and this is where sober waters was born.