Teach Yoga Asana at Buddhist Nunnery during Annual Meditation Retreat

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Om & Roam’s Burma Love: Yoga Seva Project 2019
Sisterhood, Compassion, Empowerment.

Dates: April 8-18, 2019 in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Om & Roam is seeking trained, female yoga teachers to be a part of our 4th Annual Yoga Seva Project in Myanmar (Burma). We are so humbled by this unique opportunity to teach yoga asana at a Theravada Buddhist Nunnery in the Yangon Region. This project is filled with heart and complete devotion to the selfless power of yoga. We are extremely fortunate to be invited back into this community to share yoga with hundreds of nuns and orphans. Our passion and purpose is to foster self-empowerment, self-respect and body awareness in our sisters in Myanmar (Burma), and within ourselves, through yoga. The experience that we share is profoundly beautiful for all involved.

The yoga program is part of the annual meditation retreat held at the nunnery in alignment with Thingyan – the annual New Year water festival celebration. Thingyan is a time for cleansing ceremonies, deep meditation, community, and transition into the new year. The leaders of this nunnery made the progressive decision to incorporate a physical yoga practice into the annual Thingyan retreat. This relationship was born of the intention to provide the nuns and orphans with an outlet for physical activity, body awareness, and self-embodiment.

Our days will consist of teaching yoga asana together for about 4.5 hours a day to hundreds of nuns and orphans, broken up into smaller groups. We join in the daily meditation schedule observed at the retreat, as well as the new year ceremonies that take place. This is a sacred opportunity to both be in service and deepen your own meditation practice. This program is unique, and a respectful level of discipline is required. Out of service to the nunnery, we are meant to be flexible. We commit to offering as many yoga classes as requested throughout the meditation retreat schedule. This program is organized with a group teaching model. Depending on each teacher’s specific strengths and skills, we will assign a rotation of roles for each class (roles include: lead teacher (s), demo, assist, observer). Please note that each role in this group teaching approach is equally important as we offer yoga to this community. We ask for a commitment to flexibility as the week unfolds.

Participant cost: $700
$108 of each participant cost is offered to the nunnery as a donation. Our team will be living at the nunnery with housing and meals provided for us. Other expenses covered by this fee include; shuttles to/from the nunnery, Om&Roam Shwedagon Pagoda excursion in Yangon, administration fees, project fees and materials (including any unforeseen project expenses). *If you are interested in a payment plan, please contact carly@omandroam.com

Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own airfare, travel insurance, and all accommodations outside of their time at nunnery (including 2 evenings in Yangon prior to arrival at nunnery on April 11th).

*To learn more & apply, please click here

If this opportunity makes your heart sing, we can’t wait to hear from you!

With immense gratitude,
The Om & Roam Team

*NOTE: There are 3 ways to participate in this experience; (1) Yoga Teacher, (2) Yoga Practitioner, (3) Meditation Retreat. Please visit www.omandroam.com to learn more.

Testimonials by former participants:
“The Om & Roam team are inspiring, wild, free and wise women, who graciously open their hearts and arms to anyone who wishes to join them in sharing yoga, awareness and love. Be brave and proud in your decision to join this team and be ready for an amazing experience that can shift the trajectory of your life forever!”
~ Louise Webster (2018)

“This experience has changed my life in so many beautiful ways. I am forever grateful for my time spent in the company of my wonderful co-teachers, and the beautiful nuns. Burma has a special place in my heart forever.”
~ Lauren Brown (2018)

“The perfect balance of reciprocity unfolded in real time in Burma and reminded me of the importance and beauty of both giving and receiving. My body, mind and spirit were nurtured in a way I have never experienced before.”
~ Julie (2017)

“Taking part in the Seva project for me was like a kind of homecoming, the nuns, the meditations and the innocent energies all very special.
The week was a lot more energy demanding that I had ever expected but it also gave me so much in return. Working with these amazing women and girls was a truly enlightening and humbling experience and I feel incredibly grateful for having been offered the opportunity.
Sharing space and practice with the other Seva volunteers was also very special, lasting friendships were born. We all supported one another so naturally and, as a collective really lifted one another up in so many ways.”
~ Katy (2017)

“This experience changed the way that I see the world. I cannot encourage you enough to enter wholeheartedly into this project. It is one of service to a community that cherishes the yoga that is offered, and that can also offer you so much. It is the most intriguing and soul-awakening experience I have had. It has taught me to put into practice wisdom that I had been thinking about a lot, but it is only in living it, experiencing and feeling it, not through thinking it, that real change happens, and this opportunity provides an opportunity to do just those things.”
~ Fay (2017)