Experienced Yoga Teacher in Cambodia

Exciting Opportunity to join a dynamic and inspiring team hosting yoga, meditation and conscious living retreats in the Cambodian countryside near the ancient temples of Angkor!

POSITION: Experienced Yoga Teacher
DATES: May 11th – July 9th (2 months)

At Hariharalaya we focus on an integral approach of yoga – awakening and tuning the body, heart and mind through postures, breath, meditation, creativity, silence, dance, laughter and simplicity. We use yoga as a training to live in the present moment. Our core message is the importance of dedicating some time for a regular daily practice of asana, breath and meditation, so it is essential that the senior teacher have several years of personal sadhana experience and that the yoga be a true calling, not just exercise or gymnastics, but of the integrated depth of awareness that comes from years of training and self-exploration. A regular daily meditation practice is also a must and an important part of our retreat program.
Please note that we have a team of 5+ teachers at a time, so you will not be responsible for the whole retreat schedule. Hariharalaya is a dynamic community based learning environment.

Leading yoga and meditation classes
Inspiring Community Presence
Being part of a dynamic team of teachers
Ensuring the smooth running of retreats

*Community/shared living experience
*Experience living/working abroad
*Minimum 5 years of yoga and meditation practice
*Experience teaching on retreat
*500hrs teacher training
*Continued learning and study
*Attended at least 2 residential retreats

Great People Skills
Serious and Committed
Attention to Detail
Willing to Make it Happen
Calm and Collected
Confident and Clear
Flexible, Creative, Dynamic
Community Oriented
Excellent Teamwork

$500 USD per month in cash
% of Private Yoga Classes
Room and Board
(including laundry and cleaning, valued at $400 USD)
2 free massages per month
Discount on Juice Bar, Spa and Wellness Center
50% of visa fees covered

Resume (be sure to include at least 2 references)
2-3 minute video of you leading a couple of postures
*Note – we will only consider applications that contain a short video. It does not need to be professional quality or a whole class but we would like to hear you clearly talking through a few postures and a relaxation or meditation.

We are a grassroots, community based, Integral Yoga Learning Center. Our retreats focus on community, creativity, nature, silence, and self-reflection, in order to feel more alive, creative and balanced. This is the core message of Hariharalaya and it is infused in the classes, schedule, events and the spaces. Our goal is to offer guests the tools and experience to develop a personal practice of yoga, breathing and meditation. Each day there is a full schedule of yoga and meditation classes, community sharing, delicious meals, quiet moments, fun activities, community sharing, healing sessions and Cambodian magic.
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Be sure to include all of the requested documents in order to be considered.
Thank you for your time and interest!
Joel Altman