Yoga Teacher in Zanzibar!

  • Business Opportunity
  • Tanzania

Dear Yoga Teachers,
along with the development of our hotel, we would like to invite you to work with us. We are looking for a teacher of yoga, whose calm and friendly personality will encourage our guests to discover the world of relaxation and meditation. Our hotel is located behind the beautiful island of Zanzibar, which in itself is a source of inspiration of spiritual discovery. We aim to initiate the yoga sessions soon.

We¬†would like to highlight that we are looking for a person that is not only yoga teacher but also spirtual teacher and can guide our guests in the world of meditation and relaxation. It would be great if you know something about massage too. We would like to have on our side a person who is always into helping others to experience something unusual and will be collaborating with other hotel’s employees.
If you would like to coolaborate with us please tell us more about what can you do to show your way of living to other guests and employees (e.g. explaining some rules of your nutrition to our chefs or showing out hotel’s clients massage techniques)?
All the terms of collaboration depends on your responsabilities and abilities, but for sure we provide acommodation and alimentation.