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A warm Namastey from team zostel, Hope you are doing fine.. We really appreciate that you are interested in volunteering under our “Zostel Internship Program”.. We would love to work with you and make India safe for travel.

We need traveler volunteers to spread the happiness at our hostels

We have a fully functional team taking care of the hostel and running it very successfully, however we need traveler interns to add value in following areas:

1. Interact with other travelers in the hostel, help with basic questions about the city, train bookings, events, facilities in the hostel etc. People who have manned the reception before could be a great fit! Manning the Front desk and helping the staff communicate even better in English is the name of the job.

2. Show other travelers around the city. Help organize and conduct tours or special communal activities such as yoga classes, paint nights, Bollywood screenings etc.

3. Paint the hostel (If possible) and make it even more beautiful. Should have past / current work to reference.

4. Write Blogs – Folks who have a live blog need apply, or past writing work to reference!

Other Must Haves:

1. Should be able to speak and write well in English to be able to make sure that they are able to communicate with the team.

2. Should be passionate about exploring and hence should be able to gather knowledge about the city very quickly. We are looking for someone who loves to walk, read and observe and then share with other people else there is no point in working at a travelers hostel.

Also, Please note:

1. We are very particular about the timings of work. Please do report for your shift on time. Late reporting to work is highly discouraged. The shift timings once decided mutually will usually not be altered unless there is a pressing need at either end.

2. Please make sure that the tasks that we agree to complete at the beginning of the internship are brought to a logical conclusion. If in a few days after the allotment of the task you feel that the task needs more time, please communicate, else we will assume that the agreed time is sufficient for the task.

3. We place a lot of value on our internship program and are very serious about it. We have had some great work come out of this program and unfortunately, have also have had some non performing interns, which was extremely sad. We hope you will strive to be part of the first category rather than the second.

4. Your contribution to the hostel will be reviewed on a weekly basis, with feedback given for improvement/ modification. If we feel that you are not fit for the task assigned, we reserve the right to modify your task and change your shift timings accordingly. In extreme instances of continued under performance/ non performance, we reserve the right to ask you to leave in the middle of the internship at 1 week notice.

5. During the internship, we may request you to move from one dorm to another if ever the need arises. However, we strive our best to avoid such situations.

6. You should be enthusiastic to learn about the city you are working in. Ignorance about the city even after two weeks of interning is just an indicator that you are not a traveller at heart. So go ahead and use the rest of your day to know the city you are working in so that you can guide the other travellers

7. Please note that we expect 25 hours week and give out internship engagements for minimum a 15 Days, extendable with mutual consent. However, please note that in case you decide to end the internship before 15 days, you will be required to pay for the services availed at the hostel as a normal guest would. This is a well thought out policy to be able to clearly differentiate between committed interns and eager travelers.