Letting the storm change the course

When we are least expecting something, most often that is precisely when it appears in our lives. This can set the stage for new projects, ideas, or perhaps even change the course of our paths. Great things can come from the storm of chaos and confusion if we let it. I found myself in this situation as a young and unexperienced traveler some years ago in a sleepy surf town in Costa Rica.

A not so little miscommunication had brought me to work on a farm that didn’t need workers. Instead of sitting around twiddling my thumbs I decided to make a move. Go out and explore this exotic country on my own? Seemed like the logical next step. But this was my first trip out of the country, not to mention I went solo. If someone spoke to me in Spanish, I couldn’t hide the confusion written across my face and I was just 20 years old. On one hand I was terrified, but on the other hand, if I lived to tell the story, how cool would that be?

For reasons unknown to me at the time, I chose a basic little hostel nearby that was a stone’s throw away from the beach. Perfect! I decided to check in for a few nights and then figure out a travel itinerary from there.

A kindhearted, bright-eyed Canadian girl just around my age was the only other girl in my room. We became sisters in minutes. She and I were on a similar journey. One of self-discovery, dealing with complicated boy problems, and down for getting spontaneous tattoos.

Days turned to weeks and I began to enjoy my new little home away from home. Quickly I realized what a yoga mecca I had come to! It was not my intention to spend the summer practicing yoga, but I was quick to jump on the opportunity around me. There were ample studios and an Accredited Yoga School within walking distance where I could go and practice. I began to dig deeper into my new passion. Learning more about this ancient mystic practice my spirits soared to a new high. Very organically this new hobby started to take center stage in my life.

It was on the warm sandy beaches where I had a realization. I was demonstrating Warrior 3 to my friends. Trying to explain the benefits while balancing one one foot and saying, “Like this, see?” and then going over trying to help them hold the posture. That was the moment where I knew, “Yes, I want to share this beautiful practice with the world.” The idealist that I am thought that I could change the world. Yoga would be the perfect tool to bring the change.

While I haven’t changed the world yet, and yoga hasn’t changed the world yet, yoga has changed me. Each and every time I get on my mat, those moments and those breaths are bringing me back to myself. Connecting me to something bigger than just me. Where we all connect on a higher level that we may not understand but have felt from time to time. It brings me hope to share this powerful practice because perhaps too, it will awaken another soul.

The intention for that summer trip was something totally different. That summer I didn’t know that I would continue to travel for yoga. Eventually taking the steps to become a teacher in India. But by embracing the chaos, it redirected my course. An idea was able to grow and manifest and turn into something beautiful. Chaos oftentimes pushes us to think outside the box. Thinking in a new perspective. When we give those thoughts a chance, an opportunity to grow and manifest, it can turn into something more meaningful and radiant than we ever imagined.


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After a life changing and awakening experience her early 20’s, she decided to abandon her current path and go on an adventure. Now her lifestyle is filled with traveling, yoga, and mindfulness. She sees the world with open eyes full of possibility and opportunity. Believing that the power of your mind influences the power of your reality, she aims to create a lifestyle that is creative, fulfilling and filled with her passions. Appreciating the simplicity that life has to offer while saying yes to experiences that unfold along the way. Whether you find her out on the beach by the bonfire with friends, or tucked away in a cafe writing and sipping on coffee she greets you with her smile, the universal language that brings the world together.

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