Podcast Episode #1: The real honest Talk with Deddou from popupyoga.ch

I’m (Aleks Glitzeric) happy to announce our yogatraveljobs.com podcast – from today on we’re sharing every Thursday a real honest talk with an inspiring yogi or teacher  – all around the world!


This podcast is made for you to learn something new, feel inspired and also connect with yoga communities further than just your hometown. We want to share and grow with each other instead of only competing on a superficial level like social media and filling up retreats.


In today’s first podcast episode I’m chatting with Deddou from Pop Up Yoga Switzerland about finding your branding, PR, marketing and creating cooperations as a yoga teacher. You can join Deddou this summer for a regular rooftop yoga class and workshops or come to one of their special classes with Alnatura this June and July in Zurich, where 10 Swiss francs are being donated to Samadhan.

Please let us know your takeaways from this episode it in the comments below and reach out to me (aleks@yogatraveljobs.com) if you have any feedback or want to suggest an inspiring yogi for a real honest talk – they don’t have to be yoga teachers or only doing yoga on the mat – it can be anyone inspiring practicing yoga and having a great project or wisdom to share with us.

In the next podcast episode, I’m talking with Heidi Michelle from Dragon Fly Yoga – all about LIVING Yoga, going through depression and teaching PEACE in this crazy time we live in!

And now tune in via SoundCloud or  Youtube and listen to Deddous amazing tips and wisdom. In future, we’ll be also happy to offer our podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, and GooglePlay – if there is any other place you’d like to listen to us, just let us know (aleks@yogatraveljobs.com).



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Hi! I’m called Aleks. 2013 I fell in a deep sadness, questioning my whole life and sense of it. I didn’t only discover meditation but also my scariest fears in a very painful relationship. After an offline trip in Brazil and shaking on the train station in Zurich - where everyone seemed stressed out - I felt completely out of place and knew: My inner flow isn't that fast and I can't push myself anymore. Freedom, depth & authenticity is what my soul needed – so I quit my job as Community Manager for Yelp Zurich in 2015, sold all my pretty clothes, went to the city office and just signed out off. It all started by craving a big change, reconnecting back to my intuition and radically honest answering the questions: What do you really want? How do you feel? What can you do to make these changes happen? Today I’m traveling with my love Adam and I keep exploring my inner depths. Love, Aleks

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