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What to Pack For Your Next Job Abroad

So you’ve landed your dream teaching job, and you’re about to set off on an adventure to share your love of yoga. No matter if you’re teaching a week-long retreat or assisting on a month-long yoga teacher training, packing wisely can make your trip run more smoothly. The right items will also help to keep physical and mental nasties, such as burnout, illness and even homesickness at bay. Read on for everything you need to pack in order to have a hassle-free time teaching yoga abroad.


Yoga Clothes

Unless you’ve landed a job in a naturist resort, this one is a no-brainer; however, it can be tough to know exactly what yoga clothes to bring. The answer is to bring more than you think — way more. When you’re teaching abroad, yoga clothes go missing and get damaged more than they would at home, plus it can be hard to buy yoga-appropriate clothes in many destinations. Always take into consideration the climate of where you are teaching, and also think about the cultural dress norms of the country too.


Yoga Mat

Many people choose not to bring a yoga mat to save space while travelling, and I was once one of them. Ripped, curling, worn, sweaty, stained, stinky, you name it, all shades of yoga mats exist out there, so you should never rely on a studio to have great mats that you can borrow. Plus, do you really want to share a mat when you are teaching and practicing multiple times a day? I once had to pay for an expensive mat which I didn’t even like when I could have brought my own or a lovely travel mat with me. Moral of the story: always bring a mat.


Refillable Water Bottle

You can set a great example to your students by drinking out of a refillable water bottle. Chose a BPA-free plastic one, metal bottle, water infuser or Bobble Bottle (which can purify water), and you can hydrate while being eco-conscious too.


Mini Absorbent Towel

If you’re teaching outdoors in a tropical country then this could be a game-changer. Sun salutations in 30-degree heat and 99% humidity equals bucket loads of sweat. Pack a mini absorbent towel and you can sneakily wipe away your perspiration while your students relax in child’s pose. Even in colder climates, this little towel can be used if you want to give adjustments without directly touching the skin of your students. You can pick up a fast-dry, anti-bacterial towel from your local camping shop, or there are plenty of affordable options on Amazon.


Arnica Gel

Achy muscles can be soothed with a layer of arnica gel. This magical little product also has the ability to reduce swelling and bruising. Choose a natural gel which is free of chemicals (organic if possible), and pop it in your case before you leave.


Potential Essentials

Depending on your dietary preferences and where you are heading, you may also want to pack some superfood powders such as spirulina and chlorella, and high fibre health foods like chia seeds. I always pack essential oils because of their multiple uses: they help to revive you after long flights, relax you in the bath, act as a natural perfume, plus they can even be used in class (rub a few drops in your palms and wave them above student’s heads in savasana). A pair of really cosy socks can help you to feel cozy and comfortable after a long day teaching, while a travel speaker is a wise idea whether or not you use music in class.


Pack these items and you will be a happy yoga bunny on your next teaching job abroad. Namaste.


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Alisha is a travelling yogi with a love for tropical adventures and guacamole. You’ll most likely find her teaching SUP yoga on the ocean, sipping coconut water under a palm tree, or chilling in savasana. You can follow her travel and yoga journey on Instagram @alishayoga

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