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With thousands of experienced yoga teachers out there competing for yoga travel jobs, it can be a rather tricky task to know who to pick to teach at your retreat or school. Often, when hiring for yoga job abroad you won’t even get a chance to meet the teacher face-to-face, which makes it even more crucial that you vet and choose your teacher carefully.

From experience and training to specialties and personality, we reveal some handy tips that will help you to select the best yoga teacher for the job.


Be Clear on Your Offerings

The first step is to get really clear on what you are looking for in a teacher, as well as what you are able to offer as part of the teaching package. The more honest and upfront you can be, the less time you will have to spend sifting through responses from teachers who just don’t fit at all.

Start to put together a job listing and include information such as:

  • The job start date and end date
  • Your school or retreat name and location
  • Visa information (is a visa offered or required)?
  • Styles of yoga that are required
  • How many classes will the teacher lead a week?
  • How much time off will the teacher receive a week?
  • Is food and accommodation provided?
  • Additional perks (use of free surfboards, trainings e.t.c)
  • Preferred teaching experience
  • Contact information
  • Job application deadline


Pay can be a tricky subject, so don’t feel like you have to state the exact numbers in your job listing – this can be negotiated later. However, you should let teachers know what kind of package you will be providing. This can be anything from an internship or volunteer exchange position with food and board provided to a profit split of classes or a set monthly wage.

Always be crystal clear about what you want the teacher to include in their application email. Typically, this will include things such as a cover letter, CV (resume), links to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, and several photos. You can even request a video of the teacher teaching yoga to make it much easier for you to see their teaching style, communication skills, and teacher-student rapport e.t.c.


Advertise Right

Once you’ve crafted and spell-checked your job listing, the next step is to make sure that you advertise the job opening in the right place. There are large ‘open’ Facebook groups which allow yoga job posts, but be warned: when posting in these places your job will be visible to 30,000+yogis (many of which are untrained) which can mean that your inbox will get flooded with applications from teachers who are not a great fit at all.

A smarter option is to post your listing on a yoga job site like Yoga Travel Jobs, as these jobs are only viewable by members who are typically serious, trained and experienced yogis. You can also set up a free separate Gmail email if you anticipate many applicants. This tip alone will save you so much time and hassle in the long-run.


The Extra Mile

You can ask a few questions in the job listing to really help the yoga teacher’s personality to shine through. This can include things such as: If your students had to day one compliment about you are your teaching style, what would it be? What’s your favourite asana and why? And so on.


Narrow it Down

Once you’ve published the job and the deadline date hits, you are ready to sort through through the emails.

Take into consideration all of your requirements (even write down a checklist if it makes it easier). Are they experienced, what certifications do they hold, what styles do they teach, are they free on the right dates, do they have an upbeat personality, are they a good fit for your brand? Use these main questions to narrow down the results.

Once you have a smaller amount of teachers you can start looking at their social media accounts. You’ll get a good feeling after reading an application from a teacher who is the right fit, so use your intuition with this. Continue this process until you narrow it down to just two or possibly three yoga teacher finalists.


Skype Interview

Unless the teachers happens to already be in your country, the chances are you won’t be able to schedule a face-to-face meeting with them. So, you have to do the next best thing, and that is an online video call either via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or FaceBook video call.

Make sure that you take the time difference into consideration when you are scheduling the call, so that the teacher is clear on when you will start the interview. You should also log in half an hour before to make sure you remember the passwords and there is good connectivity for you to chat. Have a list of questions ready to ask that haven’t already been answered. This can include things like:

  • Have they ever lived/worked abroad before?
  • Can they definitely commit to the entire job time frame?
  • Do they have any additional skills which would be beneficial?


Final Choice

After interviewing all of your potential teachers, it’s time to make your choice. If you’re still having difficulty deciding, then you can always note down each of their strengths on paper to compare.

Once you have chosen, let the lucky teacher know they have got the job, and then ask them to confirm. Once confirmed, it’s polite to let the other teachers know that they weren’t successful this time but that you will keep them on file and approach them should other opening come up in the future.

Of course it doesn’t just stop there, you’ll need to get the teacher to sign a contract and check their travel plans and arrival time. Follow these tips and you’all be likely to choose a friendly and reliable teacher who will help to guide your students through inspiring classes. Good luck.

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