Lead Your Own Teacher Training

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Take the leap and lead YOUR OWN Yoga Teacher Training!

Unsure HOW TO BEGIN? Get in touch with me- Stephanie@allyoucanyoga.com and lets plan the strategy for you to become a teacher of teachers!

Teacher Trainings are the main source of income for yoga teachers and their best shot for spending extended amounts traveling.

To join our leadership community and to take all the guesswork out of running your own YTT – get in touch!


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Sandy toes and salty hair.. Barefoot nomad that will never mind the wrinkles as long as they come from laughing and playing beneath the sun! Family first and love above all :) Aside from being a yoga teacher for almost three years and a practitioner for almost ten; I studied Early Childhood Education and kids yoga because I believe if children are exposed to environments, people and practices that enhance their connection to their whole sense of being, they will grow empowered to be companionate and resilient humans; better prepared to be the kind of citizens that shape and positively impact our world. I want to change the world. :)