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Yoga Travel Jobs was formed to create a space for wellness practitioners to learn, connect and grow. It’s our mission to support yogis and spiritual seekers on their journey with our friendly and inclusive online community.

We offer a selection of some of the most incredible teaching opportunities around the world, but we are more than just a job listing site. We also provide valuable tools and content that helps others to advance, not only in their yoga careers but also in their personal practice and life.

Life-Changing Yoga Opportunities

From teaching on a palm-fringed tropical island to assisting on a retreat in the Himalayas, we always have an interesting mix of employment listings and work-trade opportunities available to view. Jobs are divided into paid, work exchange and volunteer positions, and we have a search box which makes it easy to find that dream teaching opportunity.

Yoga Travel Jobs isn’t just for yoga teachers; there are a range of wellbeing jobs listed too, so healers, massage therapists, marketers and content creators can all benefit from a membership.

We have created one of the best places for employers to post yoga jobs, knowing that they will be viewed by committed and passionate professionals who are on-hand to bring visions to life.

A Caring Community

We are proud to have a beautiful community of yogis and inspiring souls from around the globe. We welcome men and women of all ages to come and share their words of wisdom to help to uplift others. All members receive a personal profile and have the ability to share images and content with other users.

We also offer specialized groups where like-minded individuals can discuss topics that are close to their heart. Our core values are community, mindfulness, inclusion, and inspiration for all who visit.

Yoga Travel Jobs attracts people with a passion for wellness, who want to help lift others up other through yoga and other healing modalities.

Education and Evolution

Our blog provides inspirational and educational content, with articles from experts, and interviews with some of the most successful yoga teachers and bloggers around. We share powerful stories and have a weekly podcast. We are always continuing to create new and exciting projects to offer more to our community, and we welcome content submissions from members.

We incorporate the principles of yoga into everything that we share, to create an ever-evolving and uplifting platform for all. Many people come just looking for a yoga job but end up making magical connections with yogis around the world, and that’s what we are all about.


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