United Arab Emirates

Yoga Instructor in Abu Dhabi

Job Summary: Yoga instructor explains and teaches the movements and principles of yoga. He or she is knowledgeable about “asana” or the postures of yoga, as well as the relaxation and the breathing techniques. A yoga instructor also develops the class routines, as well as the class format to maximize his or her student’s fitness

Yoga Teacher for Dubai

We will provide sharing accomodation, vegetarian food and transportation to yoga studio and you will be teaching from 6.am-11.00 or 04.00 pm -08.00 pm in our yoga studio according to the format provided and rest of the time will be on your own. Please send your yoga photos.

Yoga Teacher

Hi, We are looking for yoga teacher to work full time 6 days in a week, we will provide visa and private health insurance & transportation and full time salary.If you're interested please contact us : info@karmayogadubai.com ; or send us msg via our Facebook page @karmayoga17. Namaste !

Yoga Instructor

Looking for a yoga teacher for our well-being retreat – Alma Retreat. We are a boutique location for maximum of 30 people, one-hour drive from Dubai. Alma is a nature get away routed in the dunes of Raus Al Khaimah for all those that seek inspiration and motivation to reach and exceed their personal goals.